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Wet Pants: Why Your Vagina Gets Wet Without Sexual Arousal?


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

Just as wet dreams is a thing for guys, wet pants is also a thing us girls have to deal with. Feeling wet in the vagina but not thinking about sex or anything sex related?

I bet lots of other women can relate to that situation. From vagina lubrication to sweat in your underpants, here is all you need to know about wet pants.

The scenario often plays out to be something like this: You are in a hurry to do something or get somewhere, and you feel a little bit tense from the rush and all of a sudden you feel you have a wet pant.

Or maybe a music video comes on, and you catch a glimpse of your celebrity crush, and then the wetness shows up even though you weren’t thinking of sex. The question that might come to your mind is; is my vagina trying to communicate with me?

If indeed it is, what is it trying to tell me? let us answer a few questions that you will find helpful.

1. Why did I get a wet pant when I wasn’t in a sexual situation or even thinking about sex?

Even when you are not paying attention to the activities of your vagina, it produces the same lubrication you get before or during sex. It is a very healthy thing that the female body does, and it is nothing to be worried about.

The production of this lubricant is one of the jobs of your cervix and vagina wall with the purpose of preventing your vagina from tearing and injury and also to keep the area moist and clean.

The amount of this fluid could vary depending on your hormone level and where you are in your cycle. Because this fluid offer something similar to what appears when you are having sex does not mean that every time you see it, you are in the mood for sex or you are thinking about sex.

Whenever you have such lubrication, understand that it only means your glands are at work. The glands that produce the lubrication for sexual activity is the Skene glands which are located close to your urethra, and the Bartholin glands which are located to the right and left of your vaginal opening.

The chances are that when you are not in a sexual situation, the wetness you feel will be watery which is different from the fluid caused by sexual arousal.

The wetness may cause your vagina to feel warm, and your pantries may feel wet, soaked, or damp. You may also feel cramped in your stomach area depending on whether you are bloated or where you are in your monthly cycle.

If you are in there midst of friend who makes you laugh your heart out, you sneeze, or maybe lift something heavy, you may unknowingly apply pressure to your bladder and end up having wet pants.

This is called stress Incontinence. However, though the name stress Incontinence sounds like something psychological, it is entirely a physiological thing so have no fear.

The level of wetness you experience depends mostly on a number of factors. These factors include Medication, age, hormones, stress, precipitation and sweat glands, mental health, relationship factor, hyperhidrosis, type of clothing, and infection.

In some cases of people who take birth control pills, a boost in estrogen levels can increase vagina wetness as estrogen is known to increase the production of vagina discharge or fluids.

If you are bothered about the increase in fluid release, you can talk to your doctor about prescribing a different birth control pill with less estrogen.

If you have an infection such as bacterial vaginosis, it could be responsible for the increase in vagina wetness as the discharge helps to flush out dangerous bacteria from your vagina.

Ovulation is also a factor that contributes to increased wetness because the wetness is meant to aid the transportation of sperm during this period.

2. Is the wetness I feel water, lubrication, or urine?

Wet Pants

It is difficult to figure out what kind of discharge came out of you especially when it happens unexpectedly. Once you feel you have wet pants, you may have to go into the bathroom and check before you can conclude what kind of liquid it is.

If you check the discharge and it looks like mucus then it could be cervical discharge ( cervical fluid isn’t what you have when you are horny). Cervical fluid is made up of protein, amino acids, and carbohydrates and it is the most informative vagina fluid.

Your cervical fluid can change in colour, consistency, and texture depending on where you are in your monthly cycle and the level of your hormone.

Cervical fluids are a very reasonable part of every female life, but if you notice that your cervical fluid is smelly, greenish in colour, or has the texture of a cottage cheese, you should see your doctor immediately as it could be a sign that you have an infection.

How cervical fluid changes?

  1. During menstruation, you might not notice any cervical fluid because what comes out of you is blood. However, as soon as your period is over, you might feel a little dry in your vagina followed by the presence of sticky and mucus-like vagina discharge.
  2. With the gradual increase in your body estrogen levels comes the discharge of cervical fluid that feels stretchy and wetter. The colour of the liquid will appear opaque white and more like a raw egg white. During this time, sperm can live in your body for as long as five days.
  3. The higher your estrogen levels, the wetter your cervical fluid feels. When your estrogen levels get to the highest point, you are more likely to experience wetness than on other days when your estrogen level is not so high. At this point when your estrogen level is at the highest, your cervical fluid will appear clear and slippery ( if you want to get pregnant, this is the best time to have sex)
  4. You will feel dry until your next menstrual cycle begins. Once you feel any wetness after that, it is a sign that your next period has already started.

Another fluid that could cause wetness in your pant is sweat. when you get sexually aroused blood flows to your vagina area just like it flows to a man’s sex organ to cause an erection.

This blood flow can make you sweat around your vagina, and it is a very normal thing. When you are stressed, you can also sweat around your vagina with can also pass as wet pants, so it is advised that you put on breathable underwear and keep that area shaved and clean to reduce sweating.

The female prostate called the skene’s gland plays a role in lubrication and the discharge of fluids. This gland produces liquids that moisten the opening of the vagina and produces a fluid that helps to protect the Irish tract region with its antimicrobial properties.

If you have heard of squirting or you are a squirter, the scene gland is what is responsible for that action. If you have seen any squirting tutorial, you will discover there is always an emphasis on pushing against that gland to trigger the release of squirt fluid.

3. What does it mean to get wet without being horny?

Sometimes it is just a normal bodily response that causes your vagina to feel wet. This bodily response is referred to as arousal non-concordance. It could feel like you are betrayed by your body but in reality that is not the case.

Something else that could make you get wet pants is viewing something sex-related or erotic, or even reading something romantic. Such things could cause your body to become physiologically responsive.

Getting wet might just be a way for your body to maintain balance thus you have nothing to fear for the most part. If the wetness isn’t lubrication them out most likely when you are in your monthly cycle at the time or your sweat glands.

Your vagina region has a lot of oil and sweat glands which is why you should keep the hair in that area low, wear breathable materials and put on panty liners so that area can stay cool.

However, if you notice an offensive smell, colour, or strange texture in your vagina fluid, please see your doctor immediately as it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Wet pants are normal even though they make us uncomfortable. All you have to do is follow the tips shared above to manage them. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to share.

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