Weight Loss Supplements

If you are in increased state of stress and depression, then obesity can be one of the many reasons. Therefore, losing even a small amount of weight can considerably improve your emotional and physical condition.

However, it is also a fact that weight loss is a gradual process and it is unsurprising that most of the fat people opt different weight lose supplements to speed up the process.

Although most of these fad products do not offer any real benefits yet there are some supplements that can actually assist you in reducing some weight.

Top Weight Loss Supplements

In the following lines, some supplements have been discussed that do carry some reputation and background as far as losing weight is concerned.


When people hear about calcium, the first thing that flashes in their mind is bone strength. However, very few people know that calcium is also very useful in weight lose as it preserves muscles during the process and therefore can included in the category of weight lifting supplements.

A recent study has proved that people consuming almost 1000 mg of calcium tend to lose more body weight as well as body fat as compared to people using traditional supplements.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

If you tell people that they can lose weight even while consuming fats, they will definitely be surprised.  However, you can do so by consuming conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a fatty acid that is a naturally occurring substance found in low fat dairy products and meat.

This particular substance is associated with the decrease in body weight and fats as it increases the lean body mass. In general a 3.2 gram dose of CLA is enough for people to lose weight as compared to placebos.


In quite contras to other weight loss supplements, fibers have no side effects attached with them. Fibers fill your stomach earlier than other foods and stay there much longer as well. As a result, they postpone the gastric emptying and subsequently you do not feel hungry for long hours to come.

An appropriate amount of fibrous foods like banana and bran will be enough for each day. Furthermore, if you are planning to use a combination of supplements for weight loss, do not forget to include fiber.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are essential for losing weight. The important antioxidants present in green tea are caffeine, catechins and theanine can play their part in reducing weight as they kill dangerous excessive fats as well as lower bad cholesterol levels.

Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are beyond doubt the best weight loss supplements especially shakes and bars. However, they should be consumed as directed by the experts that usually means that you need to substitute breakfast or lunch with calorie controlled meal replacements with addition of fresh fruits.


Obesity is an obnoxious condition that can result in more fatal diseases. You can use weight loss supplements to kill some weight but never forget to use legal and reputed ones for the best results.