Weight Loss Secret

If you knew your personality, you could change the way you approach weight loss. There are ways you can accomplish this.


There are people who are always sticking to the rules, no matter what as well as being on time. Such reliable individuals are able to stick to their fitness or diet plans. However, even those who are reliable are affected by the fact that by coming up with a diet or fitness plan they end up thinking about snacks and food most of their time.

This does not work for their greater good, but it can be rectified. Come up with routines not just geared towards cutting down weight and you will still drop a couple of pounds. For instance, rather than drive to work, you can walk all the way.

Emotionally edgy

Emotional stability in every individual is determined by how you live your life. Those who are emotionally nervous can be the worst or best individuals ever. Emotionally edgy persons are probably emotional consumers and the more they are emotionally charged the more they eat.

Once you know whether you are emotionally edgy, you can accept it and decide to follow healthier paths like taking your stress into a gym or calling a close girlfriend once the mood swings have set in.

Delay gratification

A study in 1972 involved giving school children a marshmallow right away or two if they could wait for about a quarter of an hour. Children who were patient for 15 minutes ended up with higher SAT performances and successful later on in life. Experts in weight loss believe that if you learn to delay gratification, your weight reduction efforts could highly improve.

In weight loss, a person either wants results now or works for sometime patiently, for better results tomorrow. By doing away with little temptations, you will enjoy a lot of success by avoiding junk food, rushing to the pantry room at coffee break or raiding the cookie jar at night.

Extrovert-introvert and weight loss

Those individuals who might want to remain with a book or film as compared to rushing to the bar could have a huge advantage when it comes to weight reduction. An introvert is always less impulsive and thoughtful and thus approaches something very rationally. They also have qualities that enable them to restrain themselves and to stick to regular fitness workouts and a healthy diet as compared to impulsive individuals.

If you are an extrovert, you might want to plan before hand in case you will be attending events that will put you to the test. For instance, before you rush into parties, where you know clearly you will overeat, take a healthy meal or snack before you leave to lower the amount of junk delicacies that will find themselves down your throat.

Outgoing weak on overeating

Those who love to be the center of attraction and outgoing allow the amygdala complex to take over, where a person ends up using the primitive and basic part of the brain as compared to the prefrontal cortex.

Prefrontal cortex allows you to make healthier and long-term positive choices such as avoiding pleasure eating.  Outgoing individuals should avoid social events where food is in plenty if they know they will indulge come what may.