Dry and brittle hair, discoloration from frequent coloring, split ends and scalp build-up have become very common. If any of these phrases describes the state of your tresses, they are most likely damaged.

More than half the women in America believe they have damaged hair. Hair damage is common but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s possible to halt and even reverse hair damage with some extra care and giving your hair the nutrition and moisture it desperately needs. This can be done by applying nourishing oils like pure argan oil, say experts at Abe’s Organics.

Such oils not only provide nourishment to your hair, they also work for your skin and face. It’s time you started infusing your hair with Moroccan argan oil, avoid tight ponytails, the blow dryer and flatiron and completely stay away from dyes and chemicals.

Here are a few ways to undo some of the hair damage:

Nourish Your Hair

Oils that are good for the hair, such as Argan and Prickly Pear, are loaded with vitamin E and other nutrients and minerals that can be directly absorbed by the hair. These beneficial oils also restore optimum moisture to the hair.

Benefit from the Power of Oils

Oil conditioning helps put moisture, essential fatty acids, and vitamins back into hair. You can either go for essential oils like sandalwood, combining them with olive and jojoba oil, or directly massage coconut oil into your hair.

Put on a shower cap and cover with a warm towel and rinse after 30-45 minutes. Moroccan argan oil for hair is an excellent choice not just for hair, but your skin and face. Be sure to know where to buy 100% pure argan oil, look for certified organic.

Hair Masks

The reason so many people take to hair masks is because, unlike bottle conditioners, these reach the inside of the hair cuticle. They also impart a shine and hold frayed ends together. However, you must first determine your hair type.

If your hair develops frizz, go for moisturizing varieties (almond and honey). Those with thinning hair can opt for protein-rich masks (coconut oil, curd, keratin). Message Moroccan argan oil for hair and then use a mask for deep nourishing and conditioning.

What Not to Do

Avoid coloring your hair or using heat-styling for a while. Dyes are dangerous, as they contain chemicals like peroxide, which damages the protective outer layer of hair.

Likewise, the “flash drying” effect of blow-drying burns your hair and dries up all the moisture, making the cuticles brittle and rigid. You can often smell a burning hair scent when a hair dryer or flatiron is in use.

Where to buy 100% pure argan oil

Argan oil is very common, it can even be found in supermarkets, however, finding the right argan oil may take some research.

Supermarkets and big cosmetic stores often carry hair products that have argan oil or offer argan oil mixed with other oils. Experts say in order to gain the optimum benefits from Argan oil it needs to be used pure.

What you want is to figure out where to buy 100% pure argan oil that is preferably certified organic. Thankfully there are some Supermarkets that have 100% pure argan oil and it can also be found online.

Including berries, avocados, spinach, nuts and seeds to your daily diet will also help your hair recover and stay healthy.