Shaving Bumps

Just hearing the words ‘Shaving Bumps’ is enough to make most men cringe while remembering how irritating bumpy skin is. It’s a problem every man is likely to suffer from at some point, but you can prevent it simply through some important changes to your shaving routine and skincare regime.

Basically, you need to unclog those pores to help release ingrown hairs. That means treating it with some serious respect. Dirty skin, blunt razors and cheap skin products are things you need to say goodbye to, fast. No more skimping on a natural moisturizer or new set of blades.

You need to take care of that skin!

If you’re new to skincare, don’t worry. You’re going to love it soon. You can do it when it’s time to shower, so you never forget and clean your skin quickly. After a week or so of exfoliating and moisturizing, you’ll notice your skin looking ultra clean and smooth.

Over the years it may well make you look younger too. I ask myself, how did I never care for my skin like this before?

Hopefully, you won’t need to visit your dermatologist, but as a warning, never underestimate the risk of infection or scarring in severe cases of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.

Whatever you do, don’t pick at those bumps or infect them by using a dirty razor or dirty towel. There’s an order to doing things right though, and that’s why this infographic below is so great.

It’s packed with information in an easy-to-read format that will guide you through the key steps to clearer skin! Yes, if you have super curly hair, then you’re always likely to struggle with shaving bumps, but you can fight it and minimize the irritation, starting today.

And it only takes six steps!

Get Rid of Shaving Bumps

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