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Ways CBD Can Fit Into Your Keto Diet

The keto diet can be difficult to understand while starting out. What can you eat? How much exercise should I partake in and wait…there’s something called the “keto flu”?! Figuring all this out can take time.


Learning about incorporating your favorite CBD in your new lifestyle won’t be hard at all after you read this article, because CBD doesn’t have to be tricky.

You will soon find that blending your two loves (CBD and your new way of life) will be easier than you ever imagined.

Keto is a diet that is based on incorporating a lot of healthy fats and protein with little carbs and sugars. Whether you are taking this diet on because you were advised by your doctor, or have personal health goals in mind, these ideas can help you.

We wanted to help give you tips on keeping on your lifestyle, all the while still enjoying your one love – CBD.

As you begin your morning, most on the keto diet love a morning cup of ‘bulletproof coffee.’ Yes, the name may sound interesting, but it’s a great way to get in the healthy fats you need to power through your day.

Normally, the combination is MCT oil and coffee, but for these purposes, it’s going to be CBD tincture and coffee. You’ll need a very keto-friendly product for this.

CBDfx tincture has many wellness benefits and creates its tincture base with MCT oil and infuses it with CBD. This will be the perfect way to incorporate the two, all while staying on track with your diet.

This easy-to-make morning drink will be great on the go as well! Transfer it into a travel container and get ahead on your early errands – all while staying relaxed and awake from the benefits of the MCT oil and CBD.

As the afternoon rolls around, you will be in need of another pick me up of CBD. This is a great time to pull out your CBD soft-gel capsules.


There are zero grams of sugar in the tiny pill form capsules. The compact container can be taken anywhere you go! Keep one in the glove box of your car, your gym bag or your work desk!

There are no additional flavorings or hidden additives – just the plain goodness of organic CBD! Take a serving of two capsules with some water and you’re good to go for a few hours!

Now, the afternoon crash won’t be so bad, because you’ll have your CBD with you! CBD gel capsules are fast-acting so you can get your dose quickly and can go back to winning the day.

For nighttime, your routine can be made even easier by incorporating something that is zero calories…it’s a CBD product all people on the keto diet should know about.

When night comes and it’s time to get ready for bed, reach into your bathroom cabinet and grab your CBD charcoal face wash. As you mix together the product and water, the CBD activates to give your skin the most intense wash.

Did you know that CBD helps with acne? The anti-inflammatory properties help calm the skin and acne, to reveal your true, glowing skin.

Sometimes, the day can seem extra long, and we need a deep relaxation…something that CBD can only fix. Here, the best suggestion will be CBD bath salts – yes they are a thing and it’s fantastic.

As the hot water pours into the bathtub and begins to fill it, pour in some all-natural CBD salts. The hot water activates the product, and soon the air will be filled with a calming aroma.

As the water swirls and blends together, step in and begin to feel the effects. As you lean your head back, deeply breathe in the aroma and let the CBD from the bath salts seep into your skin, allowing your entire body to relax.

This will be especially helpful after a long workout, because the CBD will penetrate the muscles as well, helping alleviate lactic acid buildup – and all without hurting your keto diet! Buying CBD salts will make you feel like you are transported to a spa, where all your daily stress can wash away,


These are a few, easy examples of how incorporating CBD can be simple while on the keto diet! We hope these morning, noon, night and self-care ideas help as you take on your journey of incorporating CBD and your keto lifestyle.

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