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Water facts in Personal Hygiene

Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors. So water beats everything. Water is cleaner than toilet paper and it doesn’t leave debris like toilet paper does. Happened to have some fajitas with extra hot sauce? A cooling stream of water is going to feel better than dry paper.

Using a bidet is much better for personal hygiene than toilet paper is. Though toilet paper has come to be the norm in the United States, there are many compelling reasons for switching to a bidet instead. Toilet paper is really just dry tissue that is used to wipe away fecal matter. While it can remove a good portion of it, this dry paper is not sufficient for truly cleaning away bacteria. With toilet paper, a lot of bacteria are left behind. This can cause serious health issues. A bidet, on the other hand, washes most bacteria away with water.

Water Facts

  • Water cleans better
  • Removes bacteria better than toilet paper
  • Helps with pain of hemorrhoids
  • Warm water or cold water
  • Eliminates the need of toilet paper

Another problem with toilet paper is the fact that it is so dry. Some people prefer to use wet wipes for personal hygiene for this very reason. There are many skin conditions that simply don’t respond well to all this rubbing with dry tissue. If your skin is dry or easily irritated, many types of toilet paper will just make the problem worse. With a bidet, there’s no paper to worry about. There’s absolutely no abrasion from rough textures. The area is cleansed with comfortable water jets that can be set to any temperature that you find most refreshing, whether you prefer the bidet warm or cold.

The gentle cleansing water of the bidet can improve not only personal hygiene but also intimate health. A bidet toilet seat is especially useful for women. The bidet typically has a special setting for feminine cleansing. This can be used during a woman’s menstrual cycle as well as after urination. Using the bidet often will help prevent yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and other uncomfortable problems. The bidet is a comfortable and simple way to cleanse this intimate and sensitive area. The water is much gentler than toilet paper and does not spread germs and bacteria the way toilet tissue does.

The water jets from a bidet can also be helpful for some specific conditions. Patients with hemorrhoids will find that the bidet is a much more comfortable way to cleanse because it doesn’t require harsh physical contact with the tender anal area. It’s important to stay clean, even when you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, and a bidet offers an easy solution for taking care of yourself and preventing any worsening problems. The water jets from a bidet can also help stimulate the body to produce a bowel movement. For those with constipation, this simple but powerful benefit of water will be welcomed.

The water goes into the users rectum and stimulates a movement by flushing out the bowels. The user may repeat this as many times as needed to free themselves of any unwanted feces. By doing so it leaves them clean and feeling better than before.

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