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Varicose Veins – What Happens ?


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The twisted and swollen veins appearing just below the skin are known as varicose veins. These are usually seen in the legs but can also form in other parts of the body where the blood pressure gets abnormally high continuously. In fact, haemorrhoids are also a type of varicose vein.


Varicose veins treatment Vishakhapatnam has gained global recognition as their methods are based on case histories and the doctors address the underlying cause for treatment.

How do varicose veins form?

The veins have one-way valve that take the blood toward your heart; in case these valves get weak or damaged, they create leakages and the blood flows back and accumulates in your veins. This eventually leads to swollen veins, and then varicose veins.

Is this a serious health issue?

It is a very common disorder, however if you are older and a female, your chances are more. Especially, overweight women confront this disorder often. Varicose veins Vishakapatnam health specialists say that it is very common during pregnancy, if you lead a sedentary life or if it runs in your family.

Varicose veins as such do not pose any danger on your health but it looks odd as they bulge out; sometimes they are also painful and if left untreated can bring on other complications.

Complications from varicose veins are as follows

  • Bleeding can occur from varicose veins and it can even happen with or without any injury. The bleeding is usually profuse and temporarily can be controlled by keeping your legs in elevated position and by applying pressure to the bleeding spot.
  • Blood clots or inflammation can also happen, which is also known superficial thrombophlebitis. These clots and inflammation occurs in a small vein above the surface of the skin and could cause serious blockages.
  • The skin above the varicose veins gets dry, stretched, itching, swollen and scaling skin. The skin above the ankle especially gets thin, fragile, and prone to injury.
  • The ankle area often gets open sores, and ulcers. The skin colour also changes to bluish black and is known as stasis pigmentation.
  • Many kinds of fungal and bacterial infections occur due to fluid build-up, this is also known as edema. There are chances of tissue infection as well (cellulitis).

Varicose veins usually results due to the problems related to the superficial veins that lie just under the skin.

But these can also happen due to any underlying disease in the deeper veins and the perforating veins, joining the deep and the superficial veins. Complications are greater when they are caused by these deeper veins.

You need to contact the doctor when your varicose veins are really painful, and if the condition does not improve even after taking self care. If there is any sudden swelling or pain, redness, fever or leg sores – it all indicates complications and you need to visit the doctor immediately.

Treatment options for varicose veins

If the condition is severe, the doctor prescribes options like laser therapy, sclerotherapy, ablation, microphlebectomy, bypass surgery, angioplasty and stenting.

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