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Vaginal Hygiene: How to Keep It Clean and Smelling Fresh

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Most women are very conscious of their vagina’s smell. The vagina has a distinctive fragrance, just like the mouth, skin, and other areas of a woman’s body.

Your health, diet and other factors may influence the natural fragrance that is still not expected to smell foul.

Trying to eliminate the scent of the vagina is neither safe nor healthy. This can actually lead to bacteria or infections that create an unpleasant smell, which can result to low self-esteem, and actually prevent you from attracting good men.

In this article, I will discuss safe ways you can use to reduce vaginal odor and medical causes.

Rosehips with Vitamin c

The rose hips are the rose plant’s seeds and which contains a large portion of vitamin C. It is possible to use rose hips alone or in conjunction with a tablet of vitamin C to get rid of vaginal odor.

Vitamin C is an immune booster that helps the body removes harmful toxins. When used in conjunction with rose hips, the tablet has an acidic pH.

It is an effective and safe option for treating bacterial vaginosis, one of the most important causes of foul odor in the vagina.

A study conducted in 2013 also found that the recurrence of this infection can be halved by using vitamin C tablets for six days a month for six months.

How to use this method

Get one tampon, Rosehip and vitamin C Crush the tablet and mix in 2 ounces of water with half a teaspoon of rosehip powder.

In the solution, dip a tampon and put it into the vagina then you leave it for one hour. Do it every day until the malodorous vaginal discharge is gone.

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Stop douching

This is when cleaning agent or water is forced in your vagina; this may actually remove the healthy bacteria in your vagina and may push an infection (if any) into your uterus, exacerbating your condition.

Feminine sprays should also be avoided, which is another type of douching that can irritate your vagina or cause a reaction.

Keep in mind that your vagina cleans itself naturally. You should not be forced to clean it or interfere with its natural cleaning process as long as you practice good vaginal hygiene.

Herbal Capsules

An alkaline vaginal PH causes bacterial development and foul smell. Hence, it is essential to maintain an acidic vaginal PH.

Consuming homemade herbal capsules for two consecutive weeks is one of the best ways to sustain acidic vaginal PH. Homemade herbal capsules have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help boost your overall health and prevent vaginal microbial growth.

You will need; Gelatin capsules(size 00), Comfrey root powder (2 tablespoons), Myrrh gum powder (2 tablespoons), Echinacea root powder (2 tablespoons), Yellow dock root powder (2 tablespoons), Slippery elm bark (2 tablespoons), Goldenseal root powder (4 tablespoons).

Combine all herbal powders, fill 84 of the size 00 capsules with herbal powder mix, store in a secure and serene spot, and take two capsules three times a day. Take six of these capsules a day for two weeks.


These are aromatic flower buds every lady should have at their disposal; it comes from a tree in the family of Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum.

Although they are native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, you can get them anywhere in the world, mainly where they sell spices.

The remarkable thing about cloves is they are not seasonal; you can get them anytime in the year; they have different harvest seasons in different countries. All right, now that we’ve known a bit of clove let’s get to the chase.

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Cloves one of the effective ways of keeping the coochie clean and smelling great; also, it is used to tighten the vagina, so if you feel the vagina is loose, then you can try cloves. I got this information from a women’s group (WOMEN IN NIGERIA AND DIASPORA).

How to use cloves for vaginal hygiene

If it is for vagina hygiene, take a handful, or two handfuls of cloves pour them into a container, preferably 75cl container, pour water into the container- half of the container, and then keep it for three days until it turns coffee brown.

After bathing, use the soaked water to wash your vagina, no soap, no sponge, just wash it with the cloves water- you might feel a tingling sensation, especially when there is an infection; the tingling sensation is momentary.

Wash for three-seven days, and then wait three days before indulging in sexual intercourse.

How to use cloves for vaginal tightening

For vaginal tightening, you will need a lot of cloves, from four handfuls of cloves, a small bucket, a polythene bag, and boiled water.

Place the polythene bag inside the bucket; ensure you use it to wrap the bucket from the inside. This is to trap the heat.

Pour your cloves, and then the hot water- cover it to soak for a few seconds, then uncover and seat on it. It is painful, but open your thighs to ensure the heat penetrates inside your body.

Stand up if it is unbearable, sit back again until the water cools off. Try this immediately after bathing, then dry off, and put on clean undies. Do this for three days, also wait for three or more days before you meet your man 😉

Wear cotton underwear

It will improve your groin’s airflow mainly if you work out or sweat and to stop moisture from building up, which can then eliminate any odors due to sweating or bacteria.

As soon as you finish your workout, you should also change your workout clothes. Be sure not to wear wet, sweaty clothes on longer than necessary as this may result in unpleasant odors. Make sure you wear clean underwear to prevent bacteria from growing and odor.

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It’s time to throw all those vaginal chemical products into the trash. Those products’ chemicals can disturb the pH balance of your vagina and cause infection and foul odor.

You can use organic tea-tree oil diluted in water as a vaginal wash to get rid of odors. It is both antibacterial and antifungal, thus reducing the infection and defending against vagina smell.

A couple of drops of tea tree and a cup of water is all you need to make this wash. To make this mix; put in water three or four drops of tea tree oil and wash the vaginal area using the solution.

In a small amount of olive oil, you can also add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and dip a tampon into the mixture and insert the tampon into your vagina. And leave it for an hour.

Try to wash every day or several times a week with the tea tree oil solution while the tampon method should be repeated several times a week.

Please note; do not try this method without doing a test patch on your forearm, as tea tree oil might not be suitable for you. ⠀

Author Bio:

Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life’s challenges.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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