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In a small bedroom, it can be tricky to place everything you need without cluttering it. But even a tiny room can be beautifully decorated if you use the right color scheme, furniture, and bedding.

If the design of a bedroom largely depends on your taste preferences, then compact pillows and blankets will definitely free up a lot of space.

For professional advice on choosing the bedding, go to sleepingmola.com. In this article, we’d like to share with you a few helpful tricks to transform a cramped space into your dream bedroom.


Arranging a small room should always start by thinking about a plan and design. Every inch is crucial here, so you can’t just buy the first thing you like and try to fit it into the interior.

Draw your bedroom plan on a piece of paper or a computer and place the necessary furniture pieces. It is better to create several options and choose the most suitable one among them.

Your plan should include all the basic furniture: bed, bedside tables, lamps, wardrobes, and so on. Among the optional elements are a TV, poufs, a desk, etc.

Consider the following parameters when making your plan:

  • The footage of a room. The standard is about 100 square feet for two people. If your bedroom is smaller, then you will have to think about improving ventilation.
  • Passages. Even the smallest room should have comfortable walkways around a bed.
  • Lighting. If direct sunlight is not enough, you can add mirrors or false windows.
  • Entrance. It is not recommended to make an entrance to a bedroom directly from a kitchen. Even with a good hood, it will still be saturated with food smells.
  • Privacy. A bedroom should not be walk-through. Ideally, it should be located in a room farthest from the front door.
  • Door position. It should not rest against your bed or interfere with the free passage of apartment residents. Besides, some people find it extremely inconvenient if a door is out of their sight.

A ready-made plan, taking into account the parameters described above, will significantly simplify searching and purchasing suitable furniture. When decorating your bedroom, follow the following design tips.


The key to effective placing all items hides in symmetry and simplicity. It is often the easiest option to make the most of the entire bedroom space. Try to choose furniture that is simple and discreet, without carved legs and an elaborate headboard. The furniture without frills will win you a few inches.

Color palette

Traditionally, it is believed that white and light tones expand the space visually. However, do not turn your bedroom into a solid faded spot. You can add vibrant accents to a different color wall, large paintings, photographs, or contrasting pillows.

The main thing is that the tones and colors you choose should combine harmoniously and not make your room sloppy.


Minimize window decor to fill your room with natural light and not burden an already small space with unnecessary drapes. You can preserve privacy by using roller blinds, which, when opened, are practically not visible.

As for artificial lighting, the central light of a bedroom should be muffled and diffused so as not to create shadows. It is better to buy not floor or table lamps, but rather pendant or wall lamps that will save space.

Storage and Usage

Another vital part of organizing a small bedroom is a well-thought-out storage system. No matter how great a design you come up with, scattered things will turn your room into a mess.

If there is not enough space for a full-size closet in a room, ditch standard storage methods and use the room’s full potential. Drawers under a bed, spacious cabinets instead of bedside tables, a wide window sill, shelves instead of a headboard, etc., will contribute to the comfortable storage.

Multifunctional furniture

Furniture that can perform several functions at once will help to reduce the number of items in your bedroom and free up some space.

You don’t need to have a large chest of drawers if your stuff fits easily into a pair of nightstands. Choose ottomans and a bed, in the lower parts of which you can hide books and other stuff.

Transforming furniture fits perfectly into the same idea: a sofa bed, pull-out desks, and so on. Of course, custom-made furniture according to your specs is an excellent option. However, there are lots of right ready-made pieces in stores.

Small pillows and blankets

To create the effect of free space, a room should have a neat look. That is why it is important to have not only enough room to hide your bed linen but also pillows and blankets that will not take up much space.

In terms of functionality, large cushions are no different from small ones. They provide excellent head and neck support during sleep, but they are easy to hide in one of your closets.

Modern blankets, even winter ones, are made in both lightweight and thin materials. Choose ones that are easy to fold several times.

It is especially necessary if you use your bedroom not only for sleeping but also as a workspace. By stowing compact bedding in your closet, you can work comfortably while sitting on the bed.

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packs are a must-have for any small bedroom owner. With their help, you can save a lot of space if you put in them out-of-season clothes, blankets you do not use, and even children’s toys.

Things pressed under the influence of vacuum are reduced several times. Some packages are sold with hooks, so you can not only fold them on shelves in your closet but also hang them on a bar.

Get Creative

A small bedroom area is not a reason to create a dull room with no frills. Most designers see it as a challenge to their creativity. You should experiment either!

Buy a large wall mirror to reflect the sun’s rays, put up houseplants to “spice things up,” or paint one of the walls yellow or black.

So, you can visually enlarge the space, correct the geometry of a room, create an interesting color effect, and even an optical illusion. We hope our article has convinced you that even the most daring idea can be realized, despite the bedroom’s size.