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Video: Upper Body Strength Training Routine

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While strong and muscular legs are pertinent, a well toned upper body is equally important for your body. Each of us has different goals, but we all carry the same objective – growth. Of course, there are many trainers out there who lift heavy weights and train their bodies as they get paid to workout, thanks to the sponsorship or attractive contracts with the media.

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For the majority of us, however, we fit the gym into our lives. We got to draw a work-life balance while including training sessions into our daily schedules. Hence, it is pivotal to ensure that our time at the gym is well spent.

In this article, we put forward a few exercises targeting upper body. Below mentioned is an upper body strength training routine that you must follow in crafting a strong and attractive upper body.

Firstly, read the instructions!

  • While doing the workouts, focus on breathing.
  • Perform two to three sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise.
  • Ensure you take a break of 15 to 20 seconds in between each rep.
  • Be safety conscious while training.
  • Keep yourself clean. Take showers before and after the session. Shower only with the antibacterial body soap. Your body soap or body wash should be made from natural ingredients only. Get the facts right on your preferred antibacterial soap!
  • Don’t forget to warm up with 5 to 7 minutes of cardio.
  • Always stretch and cool down with easy stretching exercises.

Since the instructions are out of the way, let’s get started with exercises to help you build a stronger upper body.

Chest Press

Credit: ScottHermanFitness

With the help of a sturdy flat bench, you need to lie down on it while carrying a weight in each of your hands. Your knees should be maintained in the air at about a 90 degree angle. Exhale while you slowly raise each weight about your chest. When your elbows are straight, turn your palms inward and continue to straighten the elbows until the weights and palm face each other. Inhale while spreading the weights apart and rotate palms forward, to return to the start position.

Repeat this set twice, 15 reps each.

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Bench Dip

Credit: Passion4Profession

You need a sturdy flat bench and a stability ball for performing this exercise. Rest your feet on the stability ball, place your palms on the bench and your bottom in the air. While exhaling, slowly and gradually bend your elbows to your lower hips. The time you feel the resistance, inhale and strengthen your arms as you bring your hips to the start position.

Repeat this set twice, 15 reps each.


Credit: Passion4Profession

Pushups are like a staple in upper body routine. Although the traditional pushups do a fabulous job in strengthening the muscles of the upper body, you can increase the intensity by trying out various ways such as elevating the feet or using a stability ball.

While elevating the feet, you will shift the centre of gravity towards the core and get more results. Rest your feet on a bench or a stability ball and do your pushups. Ensure that you keep your lower back flat. Remember to exhale as you bend your elbows and inhale as you raise your chest to the start position.

Perform 2 sets with 15 reps each.

Plank Row

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Get into a pushup position carrying one weight in each hand, keeping shoulders width apart. Contract the core and lift one weight off the floor when you bring your elbow towards the ceiling. Now return the weight to the floor while remaining in the plank position, and repeat the same process with the other arm, hence completing one rep!

Perform 1 set with 15 reps.

Arm Raise

Credit: Livestrong.com

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, carrying a weight in each hand. Now slowly raise both weights in front of you until your hands are in proper alignment with your shoulders. Then return the weight to the start position. Now, raise both the weights to the side, forming a T-shape.

Perform 1 set with 15 reps.

Dumbbell Shrugs

Credit: Livestrong.com

The up and down movement in this exercise should be controlled and fluid. Stand erect and firm holding a dumbbell in each hand at your sides with your palms facing in. Keep your chest up and tight, shrug your shoulders straight up, and squeeze your traps at the top. Then slowly reverse the motion, allowing the weights lower the shoulders as far as you can.

Perform 2 sets with 15 reps each.

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Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press

Credit: Livestrong.com

This is a proven upper body exercise. Lie facing up on the bench with your feet resting flat on the floor. Carry a dumbbell in each hand outside your shoulders. Now press the weights up and together, stopping an inch away from touching, slowly returning to the start position.

Bottom line:

Putting together an effective upper body workout routine requires perseverance and hard work. And, most importantly, selecting the best exercises to train the upper body muscles is essential. Ensure that you perform the mentioned exercises and follow the right amount of sets for effective results.

Bench Dip
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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