Unique Soup Ideas for Your Lunch

Soup Ideas
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Even if you sometimes want to forget or just put off the lunch time because of the amount of work – the stomach always reminds it.

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The main goal is to have quick, delicious and full meal but not too heavy. Otherwise, after having heavy lunch, you will be drowsy. And in the middle of the day there is still a lot of work to be done.

So what to eat for lunch? The ideal option which leave satisfied even the most fastidious ones is soup. Let’s have a look at some of the unique soup ideas:

Spicy soup

This soup is perfect for cooler weather and helps to warm up quickly. Also, people say it’s a great helper when your stomach hurts. It should be noted that often people when talking about spicy soup imagine it as a thick Mexican stew.

However, this is not the only spicy soup worth trying. It may be guaranteed, you will not be disappointed to taste the soup that makes you warm up, just from the vegetables. Onion, carrots, ginger, garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper  – sounds already good, doesn’t it?

Blended soup

This soup is great in that it is simply impossible to make mistakes when making it. No matter what vegetables you put in a common pot, mixing them will give you a variation of flavors that will surprise even the most picky.

Some even joke that they put what they find at hand into such soup. We highly recomend to try at least one of these soups: pumpkin curry soup, homemade garlic soup, zucchini almond soup or Lithuanian blended potato soup. There are no limits to ingenuity!

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Sweet soup

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Some people, after they hear the name of the soup for the first time, wants to make sure they heard it correctly. Well, we answer: “Definitely yes, sweet soup!”. First of all, it is a great choice for sweet tooths.

And also an extraordinary meal for anyone who loves fruit and is not afraid to experiment. Such a soup can be eaten both hot and cold by flavoring it with cream. Would you like to try some? Or would we rather formulate the question like this: do you have enough courage to try it?

Cold soup

If you want some soup but you are just fed up with the usual traditional soup – the cold one will perfectly diversify your lunch routine. For example, it takes just fifteen minutes to make cold radish soup or cold soup with cucumbers.

Simple and easy-to-find ingredients found in the fridge will also come in handy when your friends will visit you unexpectedly. Treating them with cold, fresh soup, especially in summer, you can be sure – they will be impressed!

After having access to such a bouquet of interesting recipes, it would be weird if you didn’t want to try at least some of them. So, grab a pot and embark on a journey of the senses of taste! Bon appetite!

Soup Ideas
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