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Understanding the Warning Signs That you Might Need Corrective Lenses

Poor eyesight can affect everything from our safety while driving to our performance in class or at work. Unfortunately, millions of people go every year without getting an eye exam even though they could benefit from some form of corrective lenses. Here are some warning signs that it may be time for you or a loved one to have your vision checked.

Tired Eyes, Temples, or Forehead

At the end of a full day of reading papers or staring at a computer screen anyone’s eyes will be tired, but are your eyes tired after just a short period?

If you find that your eyes, forehead, or temples are fatigued or aching after a few minutes of focusing on something it is most likely a sign that you are squinting or straining and in need of corrective lenses.

Dry and Red Eyes

A healthy eye should not be painful, dry, or red unless there are outside factors such as allergies. According to Londonderry Eye Care, if anyone finds that their eyes are constantly red or dry they should schedule an eye exam immediately. Even if their vision is fine, they may have problems with producing tears or damaged tear ducts.

Nausea and Headaches

Nausea and headaches can be attributed to a wide range of medical issues, but it may also be a sign that your eyesight is poor. If your doctor has ruled out other common problems it may be time to head to an eye doctor. When eyes cannot properly focus on objects that are particularly close or farther away it will often alter one’s equilibrium and lead to headaches.

Constantly Moving Reading Material

Most books, newspapers, and computer screens can be read at the same distance, but many of us will find ourselves constantly moving our head or the reading material closer and farther away. If you must constantly change the distance between your eyes and what you are looking at, you may be farsighted and in need of some glasses to sharpen the images.

Wavy Lines and Lights

The human eye absorbs and interprets light in a number of different processes, and any degeneration could result in some odd “tricks” when looking at everyday objects.

One common issue is a straight object such as a doorway appearing warped or twisted. Bright lights can also become blurry or blur any objects near them when a person’s eyesight is deteriorating.

Getting glasses or contact lenses is now easier and more affordable than ever and could help you avoid some of these unwanted side effects. Anyone that has not had their eyesight checked within the last year should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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