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Understanding the Power of Patient Engagement Technology

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It has always been the norm that hospitalized patients remain passive throughout the time they stay in hospital despite the fact that they are the ones getting treated. However, advancement in technology has given rise to the interactive patient technology today.

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This technology has greatly helped in making the patient have a greater control, get educated about their condition and enhance hospital satisfaction scores by improving the population’s health at large. Below are examples of the changes brought by this technology.

Patient Satisfaction

Most hospitals have invested in innovative technology from reputable companies such as Solutionreach’s patient engagement software, in a bid to improve the satisfaction of their patients. This in turn results in the general improvement of the general population’s health.

It is worth noting that buying the equipment alone is not enough as the hospital staff ought to be trained on the changed culture of the hospital that revolves around technology will function.

This will ensure that all persons concerned with the care of patients in any given hospital understand how this technology works. This will make patients to become more satisfied with the services they receive in the hospital.

Personalized technology

This interactive patient engagement technology makes it possible for the patient to learn the name of any hospital employee who enters their room. The name of the employee displays itself on the TV screen of the patient.

The system is usually customized when the patient is admitted and it assists them in calling for help or contacting all the hospital departments. The patient is also able to view the meal menus on offer as well as relay any special requests they may have to the relevant hospital department.

It is also possible for this system to track all the patient’s requests, complaints and compliments and this could be used for training employees, human resources and allocation of personnel.

Reducing the Workload

This interactive technology makes it possible for the hospital to reward nurses who have accorded its patients with extraordinary care.

Patients are able to use the technology to ask for some things they need like extra blankets, TV assistance, water and anything else they may need. This greatly reduces the workload on the nurses’ hands and this leaves them with enough time to focus on the things that require their special training.

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All in all the patient engagement technology has largely contributed to the efficiency of hospital staff as far as responsiveness is concerned. It also increased the patient satisfaction in hospitals. Patients are also educated on their condition and right nutrition.

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