Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you have teenagers, then you might hear them complain about a pain in the back of the mouth. This is often a sign that the wisdom teeth are coming in, and if the teeth are positioned in a particular way, then they will likely need to be removed.

You might still have your wisdom teeth, but there could be issues that develop that would warrant the removal of the teeth at some point. When you know what to look for in relation to the wisdom teeth, then it can help you understand the importance extraction.


According to Guerra Dental, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the main concern when wisdom teeth don’t completely break through the gums is infection. Sometimes, the teeth will grow at an angle, and only part of the tooth will break through the gums.

This can create a small area where food particles can sit and where bacteria can develop. Infection can set up, and the infection can quickly travel to other areas of the body.

Tooth Damage

While this isn’t heard of as much as an infection, it’s a cause for concern. As the wisdom teeth press against the other back teeth, they can cause damage.

There could be small holes created in the enamel, or the back teeth can get chipped due to the lack of space. If enough damage is caused, then both teeth in the area could need to be extracted.


As the wisdom teeth sit in the gums, small cysts can develop around the teeth. These often contain fluid. If the cysts rupture, then there could be an infection. These cysts can also cause nerve damage. Part of the jaw could become hollow because of the pressure created and the possible infection that is in the cysts.

Sinus Pain

The wisdom teeth are sometimes known for causing pain in the sinuses as well as the ear canal. If you don’t get the teeth removed, then this pain will only get worse.

It can lead to congestion and possible nosebleeds as a result of the constant pressure in the sinus area. Those who suffer from allergies tend to have more pain in this area than others.

Whether you have your wisdom teeth through adulthood or you have teenagers who are dealing with the experience of the teeth erupting, there are some signs to look for that can let you know when the teeth need to be removed.

An infection can lead to other health issues as it can spread through the blood and to the brain and other areas of the body. Other teeth can become damaged, and there could be severe pain.

The best thing to do is to get the teeth removed as soon as possible to prevent further health issues.