Postpartum Body

Childbirth is no doubt one of the most precious gifts of life and also the most exciting events for a lot of parents especially newlyweds.

The pregnancy journey and eventual childbirth bring about plenty of changes in the life of both parents. However, the mothers always experience the most unexpected and sometimes “not so lovely” body changes.

While certain postpartum symptoms are quite common such as hair loss and stretch marks, there are also some others that can be mind blowing so much so that even experienced mothers are shocked whenever they noticed this changes.

In this article, we have gathered together some of the strangest body changes that women go through after childbirth, and you would be surprised at how extraordinary some of them are.

1. Some mothers may feel phantom baby kicks

This can easily pass for the strangest postpartum feeling that any female can ever have. After giving birth to a baby, some women might still feel kicks which would convince them so much that there is still a child inside of them.

Several theories exist that try to explain the mystery behind this occurrence. One of the arguments suggests that when a woman is pregnant, she becomes very sensitive to the uterine sensations and movements. And for this reason, after childbirth that sensitivity doesn’t go away immediately so she can feel the movement for a while.

2. A women’s hair texture and colour may change

While it is common for some women to lose hair during pregnancy and even after delivery some other women have noticed that the texture and colour of their hair begin to change. A hair that was once curly and fizzy may all of a sudden becomes smooth and straight.

This change in hair texture is different for different women well some women who have white hair may begin to experience thickness some others who have short hair may notice an increase in length while some with black hair might begin to notice brownness or the other way round.

3. A woman’s taste perception and food preferences may alter as well

Some others may also notice that food that they once loved and would do anything to get when they are hungry all of a sudden become disgusting and irritating even to their eyes.

It is quite reasonable for women to experience a change in food preferences when they are pregnant or whether some women experience that after childbirth and that is very unusual.

A change in a person’s sense of taste is called dysgeusia, and it is usually caused by a hormonal change that happens during pregnancy. New mothers even can begin to experience new food allergies and intolerance.

4. A new mother’s body odour may change — or is it their sense of smell that’s different?

Postpartum Body

Some women have claimed that their body smell changes after childbirth. However, it is still not clear if truly it is a change in body smell or just a change in the new mother’s sense of smell.

These kind of changes are very common during pregnancy, and sometimes they are even seen as some of the earliest sign of pregnancy. Do it is very uncommon it is very also possible for women too experienced such a change after the birth of their baby.

5. Some women’s teeth may become more susceptible to cavities and gum disease

Some new mothers have also noticed that they have to schedule more appointments with their dentist because after childbirth they begin to have more gum problems and cavities. Experts have claimed that there are many reasons why new mothers and pregnant women may experience some oral health problems:

The acid that comes from morning sickness and also those from acid reflux is can lead to some moral issues. The number of sugars that some women consume when they are pregnant and also after childbirth can also lead to cavities.

The increase in certain hormone levels during pregnancy and after delivery can also cause the body to respond which would lead to several inflammations and gum diseases.

6. New mother’s hips may become wider.

This is a very nice one for mothers who have been looking to become curvier as childbirth has been discovered to make the hips of some women wider. Well, this may seem a little bit odd there is a physiological explanation for it.

During pregnancy, the hormones in the mother’s body cause the ligaments that hold the pelvic grid together to become soft so that the child can be allowed to pass through by widening the birth canal during labour and child delivery.

Nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable with having wider hips after childbirth, there is nothing to worry about as the ligaments will become firmer over time.

7. New mothers may notice your feet have gone up a size.

Almost everybody knows that many parts of a woman’s body become larger during pregnancy as a result of swelling however after childbirth when the swelling may have gone down the sides of the new mother’s feet may not go back to how it was before she got pregnant. The bones in the new mothers feet did not actually grow bigger.

What happens is that during pregnancy the hormones cause the ligaments that hold your feet bones together to relax and this makes your feet become larger you have nothing to worry about because if you decide to look on the bright side it, you will notice that it is just another excuse to get new lovely pairs of shoes that are also very comfortable.

No doubt when body changes happens to anyone at all, it is met with either of two reactions excitement or dissatisfaction.

Whatever it is for you it is vital that you bear in mind that no matter how your body looks after childbirth you remain beautiful as a woman and what you have done by bringing life into the world is a very noble thing.

It would probably be almost difficult to get mothers who have experienced such changes however if you are one of the few mothers who has noticed some of these bodily changes we would like to hear your experience, please do well to share them with us on the comment section.