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Review: Ultimate Medical Academy in Florida

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The Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) trains students for careers in the healthcare field. The school is committed to equipping and empowering their student to excel academically and personally.

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You can find an extensive service to help students graduate and find respective careers in the healthcare field, like pharmacy technician training at United Medical Academy.

Ultimate Medica Academy is a nonprofit school that was founded in 1994, and it continues to offer comprehensive healthcare education. UMA is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, but has an additional campus in Clearwater. Students can take programs online or on campus.

Schools Mission

Ultimate Medical Academy is committed to being a dynamic educational intuition that equips its students to excel in their respective careers in the healthcare field. Ultimate Medical Academy offers learning experiences that maximize value for students in a supportive, ethical, and professional environment.

Schools Values

The values of Ultimate Medical Academy are as follows to act with integrity, champion student outcomes, commit to employee success, pursue results with purpose, have fun, building energy, and work as one.

Ultimate Medical Academy Reviews

Here are some rankings a google searched pulled up for Ulitmate Medical Academy:

  • Ranked number 18 in top-ranked universities in Florida
  • Number two ranking in best radiology colleges in Tampa
  • Ranked number three in best medical assisting colleges in Tampa
  • Numer four rankings in best pharmacy and pharmacology colleges in Tampa

Here are some reviews from students, on google about the Ultimate Medical Academy:

  • “UMA is an amazing school. The instructors are quick to respond and extremely helpful. The learner service department stays on top of checking in on you regularly and congratulating you on your success to that point.” – C.C.
  • “UMA is awesome. There is always support. And having online classes makes is so much easier for anyone’s schedule. They have great online tools that make studying easier, and your instructors are always right there to offer you any advice or help. I’m still taking classes, but I am so excited in my future.” – T.H.
  • “My experience with UMA has been great! There is a lot to learn in each class in five weeks. You will learn how to manage time and before your life. The roadmaps help me stay on track with my work. The online classes allow you to work for the course in wherever your schedule allows it. The convenience and flexibility of online classes are fabulous! “– G. M.
  • “Ultimate Medical Academy is a great school. I have learned a lot so far and look forward to learning a lot more. My teachers and the faculty are awesome. Everyone is there when you need them. They check in on you as much as they can. Also, I can call, text, or email my teachers anytime.” – A.O.
  • “I want to say I love UMA, they have always made sure I was caught up on my work! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at UMA. My advisor, instructors are very reliable, and they are so nice, they have always made sure my work is turned in when it’s supposed to!” – B.R.
  • “UMA is an amazing school to attend. I especially like the fact that I can contact my teachers anytime with anything I need help with. They are very understanding if you have late school work. I have had the best experience at UMA and have been thinking of taking another course. Thank you, UMA, for all you do.” – A.S.
  • “I love how the instructors and advisors email and call you back when needed. The staff is always there to help me and not just with school but if I need to talk about anything. Thank you for making my online schooling easier and staying with me every step of the way.” – M.B.
  • “This program helped me gain employment in my career field while still attending! UMA helped me manage my time to stay determined while caring for a large family, working, and continuing my education! This opportunity still feels unreal! The advisors and staff communicate effectively and timely, and the curriculum is beyond manageable. My family is very thankful for UMA!” – J.J.

Programs at Ultimate Medical Academy

There are sever programs that the Ultimate Medical Academy offer online or at their Clearwater campus, and they include:

  • Health and Human Services – helps connect people to the services they need
  • Health Information Technology – learn to work in the information systems that drive healthcare
  • Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions – learn what it takes to work in a dental office
  • Healthcare Technology & Systems – learn to work with today’s healthcare technology systems
  • Medical Administrative Assistant – find out how you can contribute to the front desk of a medical office
  • Medical Assistant  – learn to provide patients with compassionate day to day care
  • Medical Office and Billing Specialist – learn to work in a front office and process medical claims
  • Patient Care Technician – learn to work alongside physicians and nurses to provide healthcare
  • Pharmacy Technician – learn to help people as they receive prescribed medications
  • Healthcare Management – learn how medical facilities and hospitals run
  • Medical Billing and Coding – learn how the billing and coding process works in the healthcare field
  • Nursing Assistant  – work alongside a nurse to provide essential patient care
  • Phlebotomy Technician – study the process of collecting blood

Final Thoughts

Overall on Niche.com, the Ultimate Medical Academy gets a B ranking, which is based on salary, faculty accomplishments, student reviews, and additional factors.

Ultimate Medical Academy
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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