Abdominoplasty, or simply “tummy tucking” in layman’s terms, is a cosmetic surgery to make the tummy appear firmer and flatter, and make you look much leaner. The process includes removing excess skin and fat from the lower and middle abdomen, as a result taking the weight off the abdominal walls and preventing sagging of the stomach. In spite of the significant change in appearance, some “scarring remains” of your former flabbiness is always left behind.

Here, we tell you how to treat these scars right, and hide them effectively so you can dont that swim suit that you so love in no time!

There are, in all possibilities, two different kinds of scars that can be caused by abdominoplasty.

Keloid Scars– These are raised scars, darker in color than the skin surrounding it. These are caused by the collagen, secreted from the body while recovering from the surgery. These scars can be particularly painful, even hampering free mobility.

Track Marks– These are scars left from the sutures that were used to close up the incision during the surgery.

The patient must remember, however, that tummy scars are permanent and can never be fully healed. They are expected to get worse over a period of 3 to 6 months, before they start to heal. In about a year or so, they will become flatter and lighter in colour, but will never completely disappear.

Several steps can be taken to camouflage the scars, both medically and otherwise.

Corticosteroid Injections– The corticosteroid injections are injected for the Keloid scars, to reduce both inflammation and pain. These may be used over a period of 3 to 4 months, with about 2 to 3 doses of injections every month.

Cryotherapy– Nitrogen is used, in this type of therapy, to freeze away the scar marks. This is usually used for the Keloid scars.

Silicone Gel Sheets– You can get these sheets from your doctor or pharmacist. But silicone sheets should never be used on an open tummy tuck wound, for prevention of further infection. These sheets should be worn around the scar for about 12 to 24 hours. You might have to use this for two to four months.

Pressure Dressings– A stretchy elastic material is used to apply pressure over the scars. These are generally used alongside the silicone gel sheets, to flatten and recover the appearance of the scars.

Laser Surgery– Laser surgery should always be the last resort for the patient to hide surgery scars, as the second surgery will leave scars of its own.

Now to get to how you can reduce the sinister effects of these scars, and the steps you should be taking for the same.

Stick to the Water Bottle!

Staying hydrated is extremely crucial for a safe recovery from tummy tuck scars. It will reduce their swelling by flushing out your body and in turn help in good bowel movement.

Eat Right

Watching your diet will help your body to recuperate better. A balanced diet can reduce the pain and swelling and minimizing the damage caused. Include lots of leafy vegetables, and protein food in your diet. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to indulge that flat tummy by tucking into a cheesy burger!

Watch That Salt!

The sodium from your salt intake can bloat your body, and you wouldn’t want that right after your surgery. Avoid processed food as they contain hidden salts too.

Don’t Stop the Work Out

Ask your doctor for a list of exercises that you can safely carry on with. Walk around more to prevent blood clots in your body. But make sure you don’t overdo it by carrying heavy weights, jogging, stretching or having sex!

Give Yourself a Massage

If you get a nod from your doctor, give yourself a light massage without pressing down too heavily on your tummy. It will facilitate more blood circulation, increase tissue repair, and reduce the lumps and dents that are often left behind by surgery. Make sure you don’t go anywhere near the incision.

Do Not Pick On Scabs

Leave those scabs from the surgery alone. The more the scratching, the more aggravated are the scars.

Use a Topical Scar Cream

Ask your surgeon for an ointment that might contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, aloe vera or onion extracts. They contain moisture that helps in the healing.

Let your new body boost your confidence and make a remarkable difference in your appearance. Happy Tucking!