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Types of Alopecia you Should Know

In case you are not aware of this fact, alopecia is basically a synonym for hair loss. It is just the medical term that is used. The problem is that most people out there believe that all hair loss situations are the same, which is completely incorrect.

There are various different hair loss types that appear in both women and men, with various causes. In order to help you find types of alopecia hair loss treatment, let’s learn more about the various hair loss types that exist.

Alopecia Areata

Out of all alopecia types, this is the one that is the most common. It is basically an autoimmune disease leading towards scalp hair loss, together with the possibility of other body parts being affected. This hair loss is cyclical and unpredictable but the good news is that hair regrowth can occur in various situations.

Androgenetic Alopecia

This is also known under the name Hippocratic balding. It is a hereditary hair loss type, the one that we often refer to under the name pattern baldness. It can affect women and men. Scalp hair becomes transparent before it will fall off. The good news is that this condition will rarely lead towards complete baldness.

Ophiasis Alopecia Areata

As hair loss appears shaped as a weave on the circumference of the head, the common condition is ophiasis alopecia areata. You will notice it on the scalp’s temporal regions and can be quite challenging to actually treat. There are various hair loss treatments that will work but in many cases hair regrowth will have delayed action on the areas that are to be treated.

Cicatricial-Scarring Alopecia

Known under both names, this type of alopecia will be characterized by scarring that appears in hair shedding. Bacterial infections, injury, scars and burns appear on regions where hair fall appears. Whenever dealing with this alopecia type, destroyed follicles are replaced with scar tissue. There is basically a zero chance of having hair growing back.

Alopecia Totalis

When dealing with complete scalp hair loss, we use the term alopecia totalis. This is basically something between alopecia unversalis (the term that describes complete body hair loss) and alopecia areata. Nobody knows the cause associated with alopecia totalis. Baldness will usually end up being permanent, which is the one thing that many do not want to be faced with.

Based on the type of alopecia that you suffer from, you need to use various treatment options. You cannot simply go to the local pharmacy or drugstore and buy something. In many cases people end up trying to use various treatments and what is not really known is that there is a possibility of actually ending up with a more serious situation when alopecia is not treated properly.

You should always work with a doctor that has a lot of experience and that did manage to deal with alopecia treatment successfully in the past. Make sure that you learn all that you can about doctor experience before you make your final choice since that is vital to increase the chances of successful treatment.

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