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Tummy Tuck: Preparation and Recovery

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A lot of people, mostly women, struggle to resolve an issue related to excess abdominal skin which usually remains after childbirth or great weight loss. Since exhausting exercises and persistent dieting can’t restore abdomen’s previous appearance, tummy tuck stands out as the best solution for providing excellent and fast results.

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It ‘s plastic surgery intervention, also known as abdominoplasty, which is directed to the elimination of redundant fat deposits and extra skin in order to bring back the original look of the belly area.

Although abdominoplasty belongs to uncomplicated surgery procedures, certain pre and post-operative steps are crucial if you decide to undergo this cosmetic surgery.

How the preparation looks like?

It’s very important to know that the whole preparation time, apart from mandatory medical examination performed by your doctor, also should include your mental preparation along with getting an insight on what you can expect.

According to Costhetics’s abdominoplasty guidelines, tummy tuck is most likely carried out under the general anaesthesia with overall surgery duration of up to 3 hours, what belongs to the facts you should accept before entering the operating room. Additional activities, you need to face with before tummy tuck procedure, include:

  • Medical history is one of the core things your doctor will be reviewing, and you need to assist by reporting any past medical conditions. Get ready to talk with the doctor about medicaments you’re currently using and those which are required after the surgery. In case you’re smoker, prepare yourself for abstinence couple of months before and sometime after the tummy tuck.
  • To prevent bleeding out or similar surgical complications, surgeon will assess various thrombosis risks, what means you may be obligated to exclude particular supplements and hormonal substances. Also, complete blood count along with some urine and hormonal analysis are necessary actions you must complete prior to surgery.
  • Overall risk assessment will be performed in order to determine whether some previous diseases or injuries may violate the safety or the entire procedure and this actually determines your suitability for abdominoplasty.
  • Your surgeon will suggest you certain bandages, antibacterial treatments and care measures you must pursue in order to maintain incision and wound after the surgery.

Recovery tips

Particular recovery activities and its duration mostly depend on the tummy tuck surgery type you’re exposed to. While minimal abdominoplasty procedure usually demands shorter rest without bigger physical strain, more comprehensive surgery leads to longer and more rigid recovery steps.

Anyway, you won’t need to be bedridden, since slight walks across the home space actually stimulate blood flow and help healing process, but carrying heavy items or any greater physical overload is extremely forbidden in the first days after the surgery. Also, easiest recovery is achieved by applying next directions:

  • Provide yourself with appropriate painkillers to make after-surgical painful ailments easier to bear.
  • Strictly follow doctor’s recommendations regarding wound bandaging, hygienic activities and how to react if complications such fever or unusual bleeding occurs.
  • Stick to the prescribed antibiotics and recommended timely intake, because improper usage may lead to dangerous infections.
  • Consider wearing additional binder around your abdomen to avoid over –swelling and provide full incision healing. You can buy them in pharmacy stores and it’s best to get several pieces to change them daily.
  • Try lying on your back while sleeping to prevent potential incision injury and abdominal pain.

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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