If you scroll through any site, you are bound to find dozens of articles claiming that they have found the new way to lose weight. People all over the world are always continually trying to find new diets to help them reach their goals. While there might be a broad number diets out there, and seems like there is one for everyone, not all of them work.

As a self-proclaimed fitness freak, I too have had the urge to try out all the celebrity diets that I hear about. Right from the alkaline diet to the lunar diet, I have tested them all and am here to give you the rundown of which ones work, and which don’t.

The Lunar Diet

Probably one of the newest fads in the industry, the lunar diet intrigued me, not just because celebrities like Madonna were going in for it, but because it seemed relatively easy to implement. The lunar diet is relatively simple to understand. It involves fasting for only one or two days in a month, according to the moon’s cycles. The day when the moon is nearly full and full, you have only to drink liquids and no solids.

During The Diet

The moment I read about this, it seemed like it was too good to be true. If only drinking liquids for two days in the month could help me lose a few pounds, why not. There isn’t much scientific basis for the diet, and it didn’t seem to reduce my weight for even the slightest bit. It was, however, a good detox for those two days and served as a good energizer since I mainly stayed on water and fruit juices through the fast.

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline diet was being talked about a lot of social media, which is why I decided to give this one a try. Experts say that sticking to a diet that has a higher alkaline level than an alkine level helps regulate your body better, making your nutrients have a better impact on your body. The alkaline diet dictates that you need to stay away from processed foods, coffee, dairy, and meat. This severely limits the number of things that you can include in your diet, mainly if you eat whatever you want, like me.

During The Diet

The Alkaline diet worked exceedingly well, and I was admittedly surprised that it did. However, I’m not sure if it was because of cutting out all the junk in my diet, or because my alkaline levels had dropped. Either way, the diet worked for me, even though I did it only for three weeks. The diet can be hard to keep up because of all the dietary restrictions but is surely worth a shot if you want to see effective results.

Keto Diet

Ketogenic DietsWith celebrities like Kim Kardashian and my dad as well trying out this diet, it was surely something I wanted to give a shot. A Keto Diet is when one is only supposed to eat high fat and protein-rich meals, keeping the carbs to a bare minimum. This was one of the easiest diets to implement since it didn’t put severe limitations on the food I wanted to eat and seemed like it was doable for me. The ketone diet is supposed to work in a way which makes your body use ketone instead of glucose to fuel all your bodily activities which also aids your body, helping you lose weight faster.

During The Diet

The ketone diet was by far one of the most effective for my body. The low carb and high protein diet are ideal for muscle building, and also is great for bodybuilding and to get good muscle definition. I implemented the ketone diet for an entire month, which is probably one of the longest times that I have spent on a diet. The diet made me feel more refreshed and energized, which was overall what I needed.

Master Cleanse

The master cleanses diet by far one of the most brutal, but it was worth a shot considering that celebrities like Beyonce use this to get into shape. The diet claims that you can lose ten pounds in ten days, which seemed like a bit of a stretch to me. But I decided to try it out. The master cleanses a diet in which you don’t eat solid food for ten days straight. Your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner include high fiber protein shakes, fruit juices, and soups. The diet is not for the faint of heart and can be pretty hard-hitting.

During The Diet

The first day that I tried the master cleanse diet for was probably the hardest one of the week. Not eating solid food through the day made me feel weak and lifeless, but I tried my best to pull through to day two. The days after that were subsequently easier, and made me believe that I could pull it off. However, not eating solid food was having a severe toll on my body. There were days where I was too weak to exercise and always felt tired. After six days, however, my body started feeling better than it ever was. I suddenly felt a lot more refreshed and energized.

Baby Food Diet

With celebrities like Lady Gaga advertising this diet, it was undoubtedly on my list of things to try out. But after having a look at some baby food that I saw at the store, my mind was split into two. The baby food diet is precisely what it sounds like. It involves eating baby food for fourteen consecutive days.

During The Diet

One of the things that I learned while doing this diet was that baby food doesn’t taste good. Baby food is designed to be low in calories and rich in nutrients and eating this did lead me to lose two pounds. But the diet is not something I would try again, mainly because of the taste of the food.