There’s no reason to worry if you can’t find the time to hit the gym. You can easily set up your own in-home gym. All you need is your own body and determination.

A home gym could be a great way to start a strength training routine. According to the American Heart Association, ‘In the hierarchy of health pursuits, building stronger muscles is near the very top’.

Exercise is an integral part of our life and should be done at least thirty minutes every day.

A home gym is a great resource for many to use when trying to squeeze in those thirty minutes of exercise a day. You actually do not need to throw around heavy weights to achieve a killer workout.

Now is the time to kick the kettlebells, ditch the dumbbells, and forget about those awkward weight-training machines. It’s time to add something new to your fitness routine.

Why not start with Total-body Resistance Exercise (TRX)? TRX turns every exercise into a challenge, by using two very accessible resources: your bodyweight and gravity. You do not need much to get the most out of a TRX exercise.

All you need is a weight machine, monkey bars, or a sturdy pole, a door frame and some straps.

What is TRX exercise?

TRX utilizes a strap system to allow for a variety of exercises that can be performed at various fitness levels using just your bodyweight and gravity. TRX suspension training builds strength and flexibility.

Every exercise can be modified from beginner to advanced levels. I am sure you’ll enjoy the variety of TRX exercises, which are fun and can add a little spice to your fitness routine.

How does TRX work?

Suspension training uses your body weight from different angles to engage more muscle groups at the same time. TRX trains for oversensitive stability.

If your core isn’t close-fitting enough, you’ll lose your balance on the straps. So, restoring your core before your move is imperative. You have to rely on your center of gravity with your base of support.

Perform each TRX exercise for 45 seconds. However, each exercise should be performed back to back in supersets. Take a 15 second break between exercises and repeat each superset twice.

Take a one minute break before moving on to the next pair. For exercises that involve only one leg and arm, perform the entire first set with one side before switching to the other.

How do you benefit from TRX?

TRX suspension training

  • Improves Coordination
  • Burns calories
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves Balance
  • Improves Power
  • Improves Muscular strength
  • Improves Body composition

Want to start with TRX? Follow these core rules.

Feet in the proper position

Having your feet placed in the correct position is vital in TRX training. If your feet are out of position, you could run the risk of sprains or tears. The proper feet position also determines the intensity of your workout.

Keep the core tight

Keeping your core muscles engaged during TRX training is essential. Make sure your core muscles are continuously rigid and aligned throughout the exercise session.

Keep pressure even on both the sides

Check whether your hands feel weird during your training. If this is so, then check whether the center loop divider below the anchor point is flat.

If it is flat, you can be sure that the handle alignment is not correct.

Proper body position

The right body positioning and stance will allow you to adjust your body angles during your exercise routine and make your workout safer and more effective.

The use of straps

A floppy strap can lead to limbs being caught or jerked. There should be constant tension in your movements. This gives the perfect amount of resistance and intensity that is required to burn calories and build muscles.

Check the anchor

The TRX suspension straps are completely useless if they’re not anchored to a firm or stable object. To get the best resistance training, provide some good tugs to the straps to ensure that the anchor doesn’t budge.

Properly fuel your workout

Some TRX users encounter injuries when they accidentally let go of the strap or find themselves being overpowered by their resistance training. This can be overcome by ensuring that you have enough energy to fuel your workout.

Try out this new form of exercise to easily improve your stability and strength.