Today everywhere you turn there are unhealthy, cheap foods that any rather buy than get a well balanced meal. The problem is that these kinds of meals are easier to prepare and because most are busy with their jobs, they find it more accommodating to go this way.

Many don’t even think about what they are putting inside their bodies and just eat away thinking there will be no repercussions.


Foods loaded with simple carbs and sugars are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals that you need to keep your body healthy. Also, when foods are chemically processed they lose these nutrients and even fibre. Fibre is important for keeping your blood sugar levels under control because it slows down digestion, meaning you’ll get a steady supply of energy throughout your day.

When you eat something high in sugar like a piece of cake your blood sugar goes through the roof and it falls just as fast making you want even more. You also need to consider how much additives, preservatives and pesticides ruin your body’s balance. They are known to slow down metabolisms, cause acne problems and even slow down brain function.


Scientists have conducted a research on whether you can train yourself into craving healthier foods. Their test subjects showed positive results where, after a couple of months, they were craving healthy greens.

The sole reason we have unhealthy cravings is that since we were children our elders would give us candies and chocolates for good behaviour. When we feel under the weather we treat ourselves to chocolate so we have been feeding this unhealthy habit. We need to condition our brain into thinking healthy foods as a reward.


The first thing you need to do is have plan your meals and this is the first step to any healthy diet. Plan to have up to five meals a day because this will keep your sugar levels in check. You should plan your meals ahead and cooking them yourself will make sure you’re eating healthy.

If you need a snack during the day choose almonds but be careful not to eat to much since they are high in calorie. When I’m at home I make sure to keep a fruit hamper in plain sight here in Sydney, this will make you snack on fruits more than on chips.


Drinking plenty of water is always important for your overall health. Make sure you stay hydrated during the whole day and not drink water only when you feel thirsty. Remember that thirst isn’t the signal that your body wants water, rather it’s a sign that it’s dehydrated.

Also, dehydrating can be mistaken for hunger so make sure to figure out how much water your body needs and stick to that amount. I carry a water bottle anywhere I go so I remember to drink it and I know how much I drink so I don’t over do it.

The human body was not made to eat such unhealthy foods, sure you crave them but it’s all because you’re used to eating them. If you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, you will feel better and your body will remember what it needs to stay healthy and will in turn crave fresh foods.