Lower Body

Every one of us probably made a mistake by just focusing on the upper body while working out at the gym or home. We do lots of exercises for chest, triceps, shoulders, and back but just allot little attention to our lower body.

Although buff biceps and strong shoulders are good to focus on, strength exercises shouldn’t just be about the upper body. You should also strengthen your lower body and target your calves, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

If you mainly focus on your upper body but want to balance it now, we made a guide including top ways to easily strengthen your lower body.


High-intensity interval training or more popular by the term HIIT is a type of workout which is tough and intense that is done in a short amount of time.

CrossFit can be the best HIIT workout because it is a strength and conditioning exercise that is made up of functional movement that is done at a high-intensity level.

Most usual terms used on it are AMRAP which is an abbreviation of “as many reps (or rounds) as possible”, this is done to push your body to the limit in a short amount of time and RFT or “rounds for time” which means you have to achieve the quickest time possible without compromising the form.

This can both test your fitness and strength level. The combination of walking lunge, bodyweight squats, Romanian deadlift, jump squat, jumping lunge, and box jump, all with running in between, is the best HIIT for the lower body.

Check Out Boot Camp Exercises

Boot camp can also help you in strengthening your lower body. Boot Camp is a military-style workout, it is a strict training composed of cardio and strength routines.

Exercises at boot camp include multiple muscles, it will not only improve the muscles that are outside but also helps with your posture, improve your reflexes, and boost your core.

While HIIT is done quickly in a short amount of time, Boot Camp is done with a wide variety of interval training. The boot camp includes calisthenics exercises, like lunges, crunches, drills, and sprints.

Switch To Circuit Training

Circuit training is also a way to condition your body with endurance, resistance, and high-intensity aerobics that is done in a whole set or course.

You will do a set of exercises, one exercise to another with minimum rest. And when one “circuit” is complete you can start again the next circuit.

Some examples of circuit exercises you can do that are good for your lower body are jump rope, jumping jacks, walking jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, stairs, sprints, and high knees.

Do Compound Exercises

The compound exercise is another way to strengthen your lower body, it can help work for multiple muscle groups at the same time.

For example, the squat can work on your glutes, calves, and quadriceps. By doing this, you can do one exercise and target more muscles. Some of the examples are barbell rows and deadlifts.

Lower body strength is essential for us and it shouldn’t be neglected when exercising. The lower body also has some of the biggest muscles in our bodies.

Although it is not the most noticeable muscles like our core back and arms, they are also worth paying attention to.

With this list of some of the exercises to do, you can now start your journey on a stronger lower body.