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Top Medical Alert Systems For 2020

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Medical alert systems are monitoring systems that make it easy to request help in the case of a medical emergency. They come in the form of small wearable devices such as necklaces, wristbands and even smartwatches.

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Upon pushing a button the device provider takes over, contacting emergency medical services and loved ones. It is definitely a useful technology for anyone given that swift response is critical to a person’s life when in a medical emergency.

However, they are particularly useful for elderly people, especially in the case of a fall. Statistics have it that 6 out of 10 visits of seniors to the hospital emergency room is due to a  fall, usually around the home.

Therefore, among other technologies, most top medical alert devices are fitted with a system that detects falls and automatically contacts the nearest help. Medical alert systems are also useful in medication reminders and many other ways.

That said, here are some of the best medical alert systems going forward into the year 2020 that is just around the corner.


Buddy is a personal health assistant by LiveFreely. It is available as a wearable device that does its job whether you are at home or not. Its devices are simple to use and to set up while being stylish and durable.

A huge advantage it has is its reliance on machine learning and artificial intelligence to accurately and automatically detect falls in order to request emergency response swiftly and monitor blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, etc.

Thus, it does not require your intervention every now and then to function properly. The device reminds you of your medication schedules as well as monitors your habits and is able to detect irregular health patterns.

Another interesting feature is boundary alert, which alert loved ones once the user has crossed a set map boundary. For critical health situations such as when the user’s BPM goes below 10, an automatic code blue is set off. It is a really intuitive and innovative health device.

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical has been in the system for over 70 years. Its suite contains an in-home medical alert device, a mobile GPS help button, and even an In-Car medical alert system. A user can choose to purchase these separately or get all for $69.95 per month.

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It, however, comes with a 30 days free trial. Upon pushing the help button, a user can alert family members and even the 911 in only a few seconds.

It has every feature a medical alert system should have, including automatic fall detection. Bay Alarm is rated very highly and is a top choice for many people.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian has six options to choose from, three each for in-home or on-the-go. An interesting option is the Family option that connects your loved ones so you can stay updated on each other’s health.

While on the go, you may go for the wearable option by purchasing its Freedom Guardian smartwatch.

Virtually all of its devices are equipped with automatic fall detection, though you would have to pay extra. Its charge structure is particularly different from others as the pricing is per day.


MobileHelp is another popular choice among medical alert users. It has a wide range of choices for whether you are at home or on the go. The MobileHelp Classic particularly, among other home options, works even if you don’t have a landline phone.

In addition, to access help on the go, you can go for the cellular MobileHelp Solo or the far more expensive Samsung-powered smartwatch. MobileHelp is also known to reach for emergency response within seconds after you press the help button.

Philips Lifeline

Upon pushing the help button or if a fall has been dispatched, your Philips Lifeline device connects you to a Response Associate (who is available 24/7) to access the situation and determine the type of help needed.

Its HomeSafe with AutoAlert (fall detection) offers different prices per month and can work with a landline or wirelessly. You can choose to get a pendant-style button or a lightweight wristband.

Whether you are at home or away, its GoSafe mobile systems protect you with high powered GPS protection, though they can be costly. It’s systems also require one-time equipment charges. Overall, it is an effective service.

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Anyone would benefit from using a medical alert system. Those who have been in a situation where they found it difficult to call for help, even more.

Selecting the best one involves checking to ensure that all the features you need are available and that their fees are affordable. They do save lives, and if you haven’t yet, you should get one soon enough.

Medical Alert Systems
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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