Natural oils are a fantastic addition to your hair care routine! They not only contribute to promoting luxuriant growth; but also help in treating several hair and scalp issues. The general moisturizing properties of organic oils help encourage hair growth effectively.

How Essential Oils Work for Beautiful Hair?

Let’s look into the truth behind how the benefits of quality aromatherapy products really work for hair growth. The theory is that essential oils nurture locks by actually nourishing the dermal layers of the skin on your scalp.

Hence, they are found to aidin strengthening the tiny blood vessels around hair follicles. Here’s a discussion of a few top essential oils to see how beneficial they really are.


It is the most useful and versatile of all the aromatherapy products for hair care and skin care. It works with all types of locks when it comes to encouraging hair growth, preventing dandruff, itchingand treating psoriasis of the scalp.Known for its calming and soothing properties, lavender is supposed to help cure hair breakage.

Lavender canrevitalize the scalp in combination with other oils such as rosemary and thyme. Aninvigorated,healthy scalp can have better blood circulation, thereby leading to healthier hair follicles.You should use this aromatherapy product at a concentration of 4 to 24 drops for each 1 oz. of carrier oil.


It is considered one of the most relaxing essential oils for locks and scalp. Chamomile helps keep the scalp from becoming dry, which may cause dandruff. Moisturizing properties of this natural oil can help combatbrittle, drylocks. Chamomile is also useful for killing lice and mites, and it is due to this reason why it is often applied in anti-lice shampoos.


Mostly known for its digestive, muscle-soothing and anti-bacterial properties, peppermint oil can help invigorate the scalp to boost circulation to encourage healthier locks. You are recommended to add a few drops of peppermint oil to natural shampoo and conditioner to take advantage of its rejuvenating and stimulating properties.


Rosemary Oil

This organic oil is great for cleansing your hair. Rosemary is a very stimulating oil and provides much benefits to the hair. For thousands of years, Rosemary essential oil has been used as a remedy for thinning and brittle hair.

Coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil to use the above noted essential oils with.  Coconut oil is great for your locks. It also has the amazing “vacation-in-the-Caribbean” aroma. It is rich in high in vitamin E and other nutrients that your hair can absorb well.

And the result is thicker, shinier and healthier locks with stronger roots. Coconut oil also contains lauric and capric acid having wonderful antimicrobial powers. Hence, using this oil keeps your hair and scalp healthy by preventing itchy scalp,dandruff and infections.

Essential oils have a number of benefits when it comes to nourishing your scalp and locks. Remember to use them with the appropriate ratio of carrier oil.The correct ratio of oils can actually decrease oiliness.

They can also soften, smooth and reduce split ends in dry hair while stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. You can also refer to quality aromatherapy classes online to learn how the benefits of essential oils work.