Social Anxiety

You may have a social anxiety disorder if you feel anxious, quiver, and sweat when you have to speak in front of many people, make a phone call, or try something new.

Your heart will also beat very rapidly in such situations. You seem to be afraid of losing face or making mistakes in the public place.

And here, in this article, we are going to introduce to you the top 8 tips on how to cope with social anxiety and practice confidence. Scroll down to know more.

Don’t elude

Experts all agree that your situation will be much more serious if you try to elude from things that make you anxious.

Avoiding something you do not want to do may help you feel comfortable in a transient time, but the next time you are asking to do so, you will still feel worried.

And, your fear – such as talking to a strange person or making a presentation – will never disappear that way.

Develop yourself

Although it is not easy to step out of your “comfort zone,” it is a should-do thing if you want to develop yourself and your career. Your fear will disappear when you start to solve it.

Therefore, if you feel shy when you have to enter the canteen alone, ask someone to go with you. Try to face your worry and see what happens.

The worst outcome may not happen, and if it does, you will realize your ability to solve it. As a result, you will feel less anxious if you are in such a situation the second time.


Try to do something that makes you nervous and consider it a scientific experiment. Start with small and easy things in advance. It is very important to identify your realistic goals.

You don’t need to apply for the team leader position if you don’t like; but try something simple such as telling your colleagues a story, making a phone call confidently, entering the meeting room alone, and so on.

If you want to join a club, try participating in a meeting first. Or, if you want to be a volunteer at the local safari, ask a relative or friend to go with you.

Whatever you do, you will gradually feel better because you are enhancing your skills to cope with fears and anxiety. This is still true when everything is not as the prediction.

Breathe deeply

Your anxious feeling will be worst when you start to do a strange thing. Therefore, before starting, you should breathe deeply and slowly to ease your anxiety.

You can practice this habit by lying in bed, putting your hands on your abdomen, inhaling deeply through your nose and counting to four (let your abdomen rise but keep your chest at the same position, and then exhaling. Repeat this process 8 times per minute.

When you are familiar with this habit, practice it while you are sitting or standing as a daily activity. And, try to perform this activity whenever you feel nervous.

Be willing to suffer from discomfort

As we have said, it is worth-doing what makes you afraid and it will help you to promote your problem-solving skills.

However, in some cases, life is unpredictable and you will have to overcome unpleasant sensations occasionally. Be ready for that. Other people will ignore your anxiety and let you manage the situation yourself.

And, what you should do is to take control of your feelings and continue to act. Perform a deep breath and remind yourself that if you are willing to stand in the hurricane, you can do what you value.

Reassure yourself

The symptoms of social anxiety will become worse and worse if you always think that you will be anxious, you cannot do it, or the whole project will be broken if your leader asks you to do just a small step. It is called a destructive spiral.

In contrast, if you think that you can do it or this is the best way to demonstrate your capacity, the situation will be different. Therefore, always try to reassure yourself and think positively.

Be proud of your efforts

People with social anxiety are often very strict to themselves and do not want others to compliment them. However, this is not a good habit at all and you should try some self-compassion, instead.

Reminding yourself of your strengths or achievements will bring you more motivation to be successful in society. All people may struggle sometimes; so if you are finding a problem challenging, you are not alone.

The most important thing is to keep your mind away from negative emotions and try to find out the best solution.

Prepare an escape route for yourself

Now and then, you will have to suffer from some discomforts, so it is best to prepare an escape route for yourself.

For example, if you want to go home early in a meeting, choose to drive your car instead of carpooling with a friend who often stays late. Or, if you do not want to drive, you can download the Uber app in advance or book a hotel room at the conference.

Although escaping from an event in which you can create relationships and practice coping with social anxiety is not good at all, but it is acceptable if the situation is out of your control.

Above are 8 tips that can help you cope with your social anxiety. Besides, cut back on alcohol because it can increase your heart rates and only make your situation worse.

If you have implemented all of these methods and the condition is not improved, you should find a psychologist to get more advice.

Share with us your experience if you have successfully overcome your social anxiety. And, if you have any questions or comments related to this piece of information, you can leave your word under this article. We will respond as soon as possible.

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