If you are a newly born mother and have a positive about breastfeeding then go for it. Nothing to lose by the way if you will try breastfeeding.

Some mothers who attempted to do breastfeeding will stop because some of the reasons they says that they feel they don’t have enough milk to feed the newly born baby which is not true.

As a father and pro into breastfeeding I always support my wife about her goal that she want our 2 kiddos to complete the breastfeeding stage until they stop their own.

I also noticed that there are lots of benefits in breastfeeding as we go far and I will share to you guys my top 8 benefits in breastfeeding which really helps us as a new parents with two kids.

Breast Milk Is So Healthy

Mothers milk is still the best milk for your babies. I would like to emphasize here that we did not pressure moms in this post but we would like to share the benefits of breastfeeding.

When you do breast milk it contains antibodies that can’t be engineered. “Breastfed babies get fewer colds and sinus and ear infections,” They also have less diarrhea and constipation and a decreased chance of having allergies.

Breastfeeding Moms Are Also Healthy

Over the long term, breastfeeding helps ward off breast and ovarian cancers. In the short term, the physical contact helps you bond with your baby.

It forces you to sit still and focus on nurturing. Nursing is the one time that your baby is totally content and there’s nothing else you should be doing.

Breastfeeding releases “mothering hormones” like prolactin, which helps keep the baby blues at bay, and oxytocin, which helps the uterus contract. Oh, and it burns calories to boot!

Nursing Newly Born Babies Is Really Tough In the Beginning

I am sure all mothers will agree on me on this. Even fathers will also struggle nursing the babies to help their wife during night and dawn and especially in latch time where new moms struggle in this stage which may not feel natural.

We’re not going to lie. Those first days, you might feel what experts call extreme tenderness — and what we call pain.

But once your baby is properly latched, discomfort should diminish during each nursing session and go away completely with time. Don’t ignore shooting pain; a knot in the breast accompanied by soreness and redness could be a plugged milk duct, which can lead to mastitis, a nasty infection that requires antibiotics.

Ninety percent of moms who contact La Leche League are worried about either latch or supply. Fortunately, lactation consultants make house calls, hospitals host clinics, and the Web offers many resources.

My daughter’s pediatrician simply showed me how to adjust my child’s chin to improve her lazy suck.

Breastfeeding Save Big Amount of Money

Those parents who did breastfeeding will save big amount of money and this money can help your savings or can help you buy some extra food.

Mother is the food Supply

Always remember that you are the one who will give food to your baby so don’t forget to feed yourself as well because if you will not eat healthy babies don’t have enough milk to get.

Keep taking prenatal vitamins, get ample calcium, and drink at least 64 ounces of water a day while nursing.

“A new mom needs to stay well hydrated and well fed,” says Jane Crouse, a La Leche League leader and mother of three. You’ll need an extra 300 to 500 calories daily.

You’ll also need to learn to relax, however you can — stress might affect letdown (the start of your milk flow). Take a warm shower, sink into a chair, and remember to breathe as you help your squirmy baby latch on.

Breastfeeding is blissfully convenient

No frantic runs to the store. No futzing around at an ungodly hour to whip up a bottle. No cleanup. Many moms just roll over (especially if their baby is in a co-sleeper) and nurse in a soporific state.

If you are into breastfeeding it is no worries because it is instantly available and delivered warm.

Mixing Breast milk and formula is an option

Yes it is an option especially if you are a busy working mom. Mostly parent to choice the practical part allowed this option especially if your child is around 3 years old and up.

Parents are all different

Lets our best part as parents to give what’s the best for the babies.