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Top 5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

In a recent article for the Mayoclinic.com website, staff members wrote, “massage is no longer available only through luxury spas and upscale health clubs.”  In today’s world of holistic approaches, massage therapy is offered in a variety of venues for therapeutic benefits to enhance your quality of life.


Whether it’s a Swedish or deep massage or a trigger point method of focusing on tight muscles, the benefits that you’ll enjoy are becoming more included in standard treatment procedures for a variety of medical conditions.  The top five benefits that you can experience are yours at the tips of your therapist’s fingers that are well-trained and experienced for effective therapy.
Massage Therapy

Benefit #1-Fight anxiety and depression effectively

An exceptional massage releases chemicals in your body that help you to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression.  You’ll begin to feel less pain and more confidence in yourself and your abilities. Your massage therapist can help you to reduce your stress, the pain that you are experiencing, and the muscle tension that is present in various areas of your body.

Benefit #2-Decrease your arthritis pain

Massage therapy works to lessen your aches and pains and decrease stiffness associated with arthritis.  Your range of motion will increase as you begin to use joints that were once swollen and tender.

Benefit #3-Sleep better and more peacefully at night

After getting a massage, you may feel so relaxed that you’d like to curl up and take a nap. This is your brain sending delta waves throughout your system preparing you for a good night’s sleep.  Massage therapy works to help you relieve stress so that you can get a good night’s sleep and be refreshed for the next day’s tasks.

Benefit #4-Alleviate back pain

If you have poor posture or sit for extended periods of time at your workplace, you may experience low back pain that impacts your work performance or your health.  A trained massage therapist will know which muscle groups to target for relief and can work throughout your back area to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing.  The therapist can also recommend some tips for good posture that help you control the cause of your reoccurring distress.

Benefit #5-Manage your stress

You have deadlines to meet at work and obligations at home that you must address on a daily basis so stress is working against good health regularly in your body.  A massage can be a powerful ally in fighting the stress levels that keep you from feeling good or having pain and headaches that you can’t manage.  The healing touch of a massage therapist can do a great deal to improve your mental outlook and attitude toward how you feel and move your body each day.

As you get comfortable on one of the massage tables in your therapist’s office, know that relief is just a fingertip of pressure away.  Get ready for the release of endorphins that will help you to feel better and regain good health quickly.

Treat yourself today to a healing massage so that you’ll be enjoying life to its fullest.

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