Modern society puts a lot of emphasis on the way a person looks. A person’s appearance can mean the difference between getting a job and getting looked over for a job.

It can mean the difference between getting a promotion and watching a promotion go to someone else. Thankfully, there are little things that people can do to improve their appearance. One thing is visiting a cosmetic dentist.

Over the last 10 to 15 years, the dental procedures that a cosmetic dentist can perform have increased drastically. Now, cosmetic dental options that were only available to Hollywood celebrities are now readily available to common people.

Cosmetic dental procedures not only improve the appearance of a person smile, but they can also improve the health of teeth. The following are some of the more popular forms of cosmetic dentistry.

Composite White Fillings

A person gets a dental filling when a hole is created in their tooth as a result of decay. Dental fillings are the most common medical procedure performed by dentists today.

In times past, the only option that was available for a patient was to have metal fillings put in their mouth. In addition to the health concerns that the use of metal in dentistry causes, there are also the aesthetic concerns. Metal fillings make a person’s teeth dark.

They are noticeable when an individual smiles. Most view metal fillings as being unattractive. Today, cosmetic dentists in Katy, and around the nation are able to use composite fillings that come in different shades of white.

These fillings blend seamlessly with a person’s teeth and are all but invisible when a person talks, smiles, or laughs.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Many people go to a cosmetic dentist, like the professionals that work at Crabtree Dental for example, to get their teeth whitened. When a person’s teeth have been stained by tobacco use, coffee or tea consumption, medication, or by another substance, it is noticeable.

When a person has dark and stained teeth, others may mistakenly believe that they are dirty and unkempt.

Professional teeth whitening can either reduce or completely eliminate the discoloration that teeth experience over time. Custom whitening trays are used to apply a bleaching substance. This is used in conjunction with a whitening light to restore teeth to their natural color.

Porcelain Veneers

A third procedure that a cosmetic dentist commonly performs is applying porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are made of a thin layer of porcelain that is adhered to the enamel of the tooth.

Cosmetic dentists can expertly use these veneers to adjust the size, color, and shape of their patient’s teeth. The goal is to help patients create a smile that is aesthetically pleasing.

Many patients will have porcelain veneers applied if their teeth have suffered severe discoloration that does not improve with professional teeth whitening. Since dental veneers are custom-made, their size and thickness will vary based on the particular needs of a patient.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent example of how changes in dental technology are helping patients replace missing teeth. With dental implants, an anchor is installed in the patient’s jaw. Then a porcelain implant is installed.

This porcelain implant has the same look and feel as a person’s natural teeth. Dental implants at times are used in conjunction with dentures. They can serve as an anchor that will prevent dentures from coming loose.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have helped people improve their self-esteem. When people are no longer self-conscious about their smile, they are able to go about their work, their romantic life, and their daily life with a confidence that they did not have when they were concerned about imperfections in their teeth.


  1. I like how you clarified that dental veneers are custom-made to fit the needs of particular patients. Getting replacement teeth for my damaged and rotten teeth has always hit me with some anxiety since I feared that they wouldn’t fit perfectly with my other teeth and cause even more pain. Now that I know that this is not the case, I’ll look for any cosmetic dentists that can help me get that process started.