After long time of trainings, diet and strict rest time you are still far of the body you planned to have within several months of working out. Dozens of question running in your head, but the most important is what’s wrong in what you so that despite of great efforts you put in results are barely visible? Read this post and find out what are the most common mistakes that limit you in getting muscular.

1. Lose time with isolation exercises

Nothing works better for packing on muscle mass than basic exercises. Dead lifts, pull ups or chin ups, push ups, bench presses and other body weight exercises are compound exercises perfect for any bodybuilder, whether it is a beginner or a professional one.

These types of exercises target large muscles group, allowing you to workout out through a exercise more than just muscle. Isolation exercises are just a waste of time, especially if you are a starter. If you really want to get big than these are the latest movements to include in your workout.

Concentrate all your effort on compound exercises since these are gold mine for big muscles. Isolations just steal your energy rewarding you with too less, or even no muscle gains at all. And all this because they work out the smallest muscle group with no impact on biggest muscles. In order to get muscular basic exercises are required to form your exercise program.

Experienced bodybuilder are entitled to use isolation for improving small muscle while overall look is more than impressive. If you have more than 4-5 year gym experience go with more isolation exercises too. If not stick to basic movements and be persistent.

2. Wrong exercise technique

If there is something more important than then the type of exercise you do, surely this is the way you execute them. Wrong technique execution not only prevent you from quick gains, but also put you at risk to get injury.

That’s why before setting up an exercises program and sticking to it, make sure you learn how to perform them properly. For this purpose is better to have a coach assisting you during the first weeks of training. Doing so will help you to work out muscle properly and enjoy fast results in muscle growth.

If it were to took a look on gym than the vast majority of bodybuilders do exercises on the wrong way. This is available not only for starters, but even those with years of training in the gym don’t handle exercises the right way.

So, being experienced is not always equal with being expert in knowing the best way to perform an exercise. Get a professional coach monitor you while you are on the learning stage and be sure this decision will bring you a lot of benefits.

3. Not giving 100% in all Trainings

Working hard is what leads to impressive gains in muscle mass. But too few individuals are giving all in the gym, while most of them just think they did it. The more experienced you become, the more efforts have to be put into every workout. And there is nothing as best workout to build muscle mass. It is more about what works great for you and trigger powerful muscle damaging reaction in your body.

Training hard in the gym is not about doing a lot of work. It’s more about the quality of what you do and intensity you are working with, and less about the number of sets. Going with high number of sets is not a sign that you gave all you could. Instead, put 110% effort in every movement you do and have the feel that you exhaust your resource with every set you do.

Guess you understood that to build a massive body is not an easy task. It requires not only perseverance and dedication, but also a good knowledge of key moments that leads to big gains in muscle mass.

Revise your workout, check it for mistakes shared above and do the necessary changes if it is the case. Not that there are no other mistakes to know, but these 3 are the most important and if you avoid them then you already are on the way to you muscular and strong body.