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Top 25 Sports To Maintain Your Health

To enjoy good health it is necessary to incorporate physical exercise into our daily life. It is necessary to get the right activity that we practice, since each one has its benefits and disadvantages. Most sports collaborate in our attempt to lose weight, prevent diseases or control stress levels. It also improves our self-esteem and sexual performance. Here we present the 25 best sports for health and its characteristics.

Cardio Box

Martial arts, choreography, fitness and boxing are combined in one of the sports that more adepts have won: the Cardio Box has attracted those who seek to download adrenaline, burn calories and action without opting for pure boxing .


Pilates and boxing have led to the appearance of piloxing , which combines the movements, techniques and benefits of both disciplines. It is becoming fashionable in gyms and has already attracted celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Hilary Duff .


The SH ‘BAM comes to Spain from the hand of Les Mills International and combines dance moves , exercises body balance , body pump , cardio exercises , etc. You can get to lose about 506 calories per class.


If your thing is to dance, but at the same time you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, Zumba is the training you need. This complete sport combines Latin rhythms with high and low intensity exercises , so that you lose weight in a fun way.

Rebel Yoga

Fitness , toning and yoga come together in the Rebel Yoga , which comes breaking the idea that usually combines yoga with spirituality and the purest meditation.


With maximum efficiency, this sport activity is a “killer of calories”. It is the fashion activity after the fever of spinning, and is that the elipdoor is exactly the same but on an elliptical. The elipdoor is an activity accessible to all , consisting of the use of an elliptical machine in a room, in class and in groups, guided by a sports monitor that proposes different intensities in order to simulate a specific route. And, of course, accompanied by music!

Paddle Surfing

For those who do not dare to surf and look for something more like paddling on a board, Paddle Surf or SUP is the ideal sport . It has gained popularity among many celebrities that have already been seen on many beaches.


It consists of the fusion of African rhythms adapted to the European aerobic dance. With afroaerobic you will enjoy choreographies and rhythms that will take your wildest side, while doing a cardio exercise of moderate intensity.


The benefits of giving pedals and the benefits of exercise in the water, are the big points in favor of the waterbike , which also adds the benefits of the hydromassage, since it is practiced in special cabins that have this technology.


This type of suspension exercise, known as TRX , was created by the US military so that the military would be able to maintain the form anywhere. But do not fear, you do not need a perfect physical condition to practice it, you just want to try something different and surpass yourself. And, yes, you will need a specific strip to practice it.

The TRX or suspension training consists of exercises in which the feet of the trainer are supported by a single anchor point, while the rest of the body is touching the ground. Thus, a high percentage of body weight falls on the area that you want to train while doing a certain exercise.

Roller Skates

The American Heart Association perceives roller skating as a viable vigorous exercise that fortifies the heart. As per inquire about led at the Universitat Konstantx, direct roller skating increases a skater’s heart rate to levels running from 140 to 160 thumps for each moment, while skating at top rates can build heart rate up to around 180 pulsates every moment.

Beautiful Ballet

The elegance of the ballet and the benefits of pure fitness merge in the Beautiful Ballet , a modality that even Natalie Portman made her own to prepare her role in the film “Black Swan” .


Running in the water is the essence of aquarrunning , an option for those who seek to practice running in a more refreshing way to burn calories .


Gymnastics and swimming , as simple as that and, at the same time, so effective. Perfect for toning and losing weight .

Body Pump

If doing weight is boring, knowing Body Pump can help you change your mind. Combine weight training with aerobics in a perfect sport to burn calories with rhythm.


It is a demanding discipline in terms of muscle strength and flexibility. With half an hour of this sport will burn about 300 calories. No need to go to the water, since most gyms have rowing machines .


It is considered one of the most complete exercises for health . With 30 minutes we will burn 517 calories and work the whole body completely. We will achieve to increase the resistance of the body and the flexibility of the abdomen.



It is one of the best known sports. It requires teamwork and sometimes concentration . It will help us to exercise the whole body and among other things it will increase resistance, strength and muscular flexibility, among other things. During the 90 minutes that the game lasts, it will require us to be in constant movement.


Cataloged by some as the most complete activity. It strengthens the bones and provides strength, flexibility and strength. Before swimming, it would be interesting to learn the technique. You will get to burn 350 calories in half an hour.


The body remains in constant movement and most of the muscles are exercised . Be careful with muscle injuries.


With half an hour on the bike , 430 calories are burned. You have to be very careful because it is also considered a dangerous activity because of the large number of falls.


It brings benefits to the health of the bones, muscles and cardiorespiratory system. It is a team sport, where in half an hour of play you get to consume 300 calories. Muscle discomfort also occurs quite frequently .


The proper practice of this exercise will allow the muscles to gain strength and strength , more than in any other sport, especially in regard to the muscles of the arms, legs and buttocks. Keep in mind that you spend all your time running and jumping.

Running and walking

One of the best sports that can be practiced for cardiovascular health and the respiratory system . Half an hour of exercise manages to burn 430 calories.



With 30 minutes of this sport, 300 calories are consumed. It will also force you to remain in constant movement to defend yourself from the opponent’s attacks.

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