The way you are spending your life has a lot to do with your health. Certain problems associated to your well-being are solely as a result of how you spend your day and how you go about your routine chores. Headaches are one of the most common troubles that you face and converted into migraine it can be really troublesome.

Generally, it is listed as cluster headaches, the ones that are as a result of a tension, and a migraine attack. Here are certain steps that you can take to avoid these issues.

Avoiding specific foods

There are a few foods that will trigger these health conditions. If you are a person who has been facing this problem for some time now, the chances are that you might have been stopped by someone from consuming alcohol, chocolate, and aged cheese.

These are a few of many meal choices that may trigger tension headache and migraine. So, know about your choices and carefully observe to figure out which are the foods that trouble you and give a boost to these problems.

In addition to diet, it is also important that you avoid certain practices such as prolonged fasting. This causes a decrease in blood sugar levels, something that makes you much more vulnerable to suffering from headaches and being a victim of a migraine episode. Do not forget to keep well hydrated drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily, especially when you are in hot weather, as high temperatures also increase the risk of suffering from headaches.


I know that people that smoke regularly won’t like this one. However, it is not only the lungs or mouth that is affected by smoking. In fact, your whole body goes through some changes and it disturbs your internal system thoroughly. It also includes initiating a headache and giving a migraine.

Eating habits

Watch you’re eating habits and make sure that you are consuming food appropriately on regular basis. It does not suggest that you should eat a large meal in the morning and a smaller in the evening and eliminate necessary nutritional elements from it or limit them to extent that your body’s requirements are not fulfilled.

Instead, maintain a balanced diet throughout the day and try to eat less for your dinner and have at least a couple of hour’s gap between your last meal and sleep. Those who habitually take a lot of caffeine can suffer headaches if they reduce their consumption drastically. However, neurologists warn that caffeine is counterproductive for people with migraine, although combined with analgesics is sometimes used to treat tension headaches.

Get proper sleep

Improper sleeping schedule and lack of sleep is one of the major culprits when we talk about headaches. When your mind is not having appropriate rest, it will have trouble while functioning at its best.

Ultimately, the efficiency of work is decreased and with increased stress on your head, it is of no surprise that you may experience serious headache. A decent sleep assures that you relax and it takes away depression and anxiety from you, helping you to achieve calm and relax mind.

If the headaches are repeated, if you have more days with pain than without pain or suffer from very intense headaches, it is not enough to take a painkiller. We must go to the neurologist to assess the need for preventive treatment and determine the most appropriate follow-up according to the type of headache.


Exercise is also helpful in reducing the symptoms that lead to migraine and headaches. There are numerous things that you can do to particularly address these problems. Add some good aerobic moves along with strength training and exercises that increases the mobility of your muscles.

Neurologists say that moderate physical activity in a regular way helps control headaches because it tones the muscles, relieves muscle tension and reduces anxiety and stress. In contrast, rough physical exercise or lack of hydration while practicing is related to migraine attacks and some other headaches.

Reducing stress

Stress is one of the major factors and often the one that decides the severity of migraine attack or headache. Therefore, try to maintain and calm and relax mind. Having a proper sleep and meditating regularly will help you to attain a peaceful mind.