Eating healthy is often the key to having a great day, and the difference between being productive and dragging on your work, spending time ailed by something you could have taken care of with just a bite of some vitamin rich fruit. You should focus on keeping a healthy diet that will keep your organism and body strong and ready for all the expected and unexpected chores the day might have for you.

And if you are not too keen on paying a visit to your doctor to get a diet advice from him or her, here are some tips you can use instead.

  • We can immediately get the obvious out of the way. Fruits and vegetables should consistently take part in your diet. They all contain just about every vitamin the human body may need, plus plenty of minerals. All types of fruit and vegetable work – fresh, frozen, tinned – but you will get the best result out of organically grown ones, the ones without all the toxic growth fertilizers, covered with pesticides and herbicides. The best place to look for those is your own garden.
  • Doctors recommend to intake at least 2 litres of fluid a day. The best fluid for that is water, which fully hydrates your organism. If you are worried about the quality of your water, look for bottled water, preferably in glass bottles – as you might be aware, plastic is a hazardous product which pollutes the environment, so you should stay away from that unless you cannot find any glass bottles.
  • Breakfast has been and always is the most important meal of the day, and that has nothing to do with it being the first one. Actually, all the foods you usually have for breakfast – milk, cereal, oatmeal, eggs, grapefruit, etc. – contain a variety of vitamins, calcium, and proteins which the body desperately needs to build sturdy body tissue and cells. The milk alone is a huge help in developing and maintaining bone structure, so take up a cup of milk daily.
  • Limit your daily intake of sugar and salt. While you do need some fat, too much will result in too many calories which may prove damaging to your health. And salt should be limited to about 5-8 grams a day. Too much salt intake leads to high blood pressure and heart conditions. This is why you should spice up your foods with different spices and herbs, all to reduce the amount of salt used.
  • Eating fish is utterly important when it comes to bone health. Eating at least two portions of fish per week will stabilize your organism’s development and maintenance. And yes, cleaning fish is a chore, especially all the oven cleaning after all the oily fish cooking, but fish is a vital source of vitamin D, the key ingredient to well developed and strong bones. Take your pick from tinned, smoked, frozen, or fresh fish, and cook away to a healthy life. Of course, know that smoked fish contains plenty of salt, so think about that when you calculate your daily intake.

Follow these tips and see how life becomes better as you become more energetic and pass with ease all the small health troubles that occasionally ail you.

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Ella A. is blogger and freelance writer with great flair for health, fitness, sports and home maintenance. She likes sharing tips and advises with her readers worldwide. Her present article is granted on behalf of: Carpet Cleaning Islington