Morning Routine

Early bird or night owl, establishing a morning routine is a great way to set a positive tone for the day, giving us a chance to control our schedules rather than end up with our schedules controlling us. 

Carving out a bit of time every morning to wake yourself up comfortably and set intentions is key to a successful day… Particularly when you’d rather lie-in! 

The perfect morning routine will vary from person to person, so what’s right for your brother, sister, best friend, co-worker, parent, or even idol might not work for you, and it’s important not to get bogged down by what others are doing. 

Simply set yourself some goals and good habits, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you go from groggy to gorgeous, with the right mindset to face any challenges.

1. Find the right wake-up time for YOU

In the search for the perfect morning routine, you’ll most likely read thousands of posts advising you to get up before dawn for a productive day, but this doesn’t work for everyone!

Although the 9-5 working day is more helpful to early birds, not all of us are suited to a 5 am wake-up call, and it’s essential to identify the right time for you to wake up when establishing your perfect morning routine.

The average adult should aim for approximately 8 hours of sleep per night, and this online sleep calculator can help you figure out the best time to go to bed and/or wake up depending on your needs and preferences. 

2. Start the day with me-time

Instead of immediately opening your work emails or checking social media, try to spend the first part of your day looking inwards. This will get you into the right mindset: remaining positive and avoiding burnout.

Many successful people start the day with a mantra or intention. Saying something along the lines of “this will be my best day ever” out loud, each morning, migh be a fantastic way to get your brain in gear for a productive day.

3. Get your body moving

Getting your body moving right away is one of the most important and successful ways of telling your subconscious mind that it’s time to wake up and will give you an incredible boost of endorphins.

If you can, get outdoors for a brisk walk or run around the block, or practice yoga for a fitness/mindfulness infusion first thing. For a bit of intensity, why not try adding some resistance bands like the ones from to your morning workout?

Many people find success when signing up for a morning fitness class to offer some accountability. This will motivate you to get out of bed PLUS give you a morning boost! 

4. Eat, drink, and be merry

Yes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”… But without a good morning routine, it can be far easier to grab a piece of toast as you rush out the door or a quick bagel to munch on the bus.

STOP THIS NOW! Carve out some time to start the day with a high-fiber and high-protein breakfast to help you get the energy you need to start the day right.

Similarly, it’s vital to drink plenty of water in the morning and throughout the day. Take water to bed with you and drink it before you get up to make your body and mind feel good.

5. Create a to-do-list and set your goals

Throughout the day, you’ll likely have 101 things on your to-do list, and getting through them can feel impossible! Make this more manageable by adding a physical to-do list to your morning routine. Prioritize your top tasks and add a list of things you want to accomplish that you can check off throughout the day.

This activity can take no more than 10 minutes and will help you feel more organized and prepared.

If you struggle with goal setting or writing useful to-do lists, then you could try using an app to help you schedule your day more effectively. 

6. Schedule your day for productivity

With these awesome morning habits, you’ll be setting up your day for success and productivity, even when getting out of bed feels impossible!

If you’re struggling to cultivate your perfect morning routine, get started with just one or two good morning habits. You’ll be amazed how quickly you feel better, and you might even find it easier to fall asleep, which in turn will improve your ability to start the day right.