Physical exercise, as we all know helps us to maintain physical fitness as well as overall health and wellness. We all try to get the maximum out of our daily workout. This is the reason why we always try to do the best suited exercises, spend on the most modern equipment, and to invest in world class diet and workout drinks. But does the time to exercise matter?

Well, in that case you would like to know the best suited time to do your exercise.
So, let’s step over and have a look at the benefits and repercussions of exercising at different time of the day starting early morning through late night.

Exercising in the morning

Most of us are aware of the fact that morning exercises have a lot of benefits:

1. It has been proved that carrying out cardio exercises in the morning is the best suited time for burning fats and calories. The plausible explanation holds to the fact that your body will try to get the maximum out of your stored body fats in order to support your exercise from the accessible calories. This is because you wouldn’t have eaten for a considerable span of time.

2. Having a short and quick morning workout helps you to get more energy to start your day and improve the quality of your work ahead. Indeed it’s a boon; it will always help you make your day right!

3. Also, since you worked out in the morning itself, you can release the tension of working out at a later time of the day. This helps you to cut down your to-do list for the day and discard a lot of mental stress.

Before Lunch

One should put up his schedule for his/her day in such a way that he/she ends up with the slot to exercise, before going for lunch. This way, you can go to eat straightaway after your exercise. This is recommended because of the following reasons:

1. After any workout you should give a time gap of one to two hours in which your body can utilize the nutrients.

2. It is rightly said that the best time to eat carbs is either during breakfast or after a strength workout. Lunch as we are well aware is rich in carbohydrates, exercising right before it gives the body the apt window to deal with the carbs in the best possible way.

Late afternoon workout

Research has proved that late afternoon may also turns out to be best suited for an exercise. Apparently, you’re stronger and your muscles are more prepared and warmer at this point of the day and hence the chances of an injury are minimal. You will also be able to work out more. This is the time when most of us would have finished up our work and would be on our way home.

This makes it perfectly suitable time to stop at the gymnasium and work out in a healthy way under the guidance of a good gym-trainer. If you go home after the work is over and start relaxing, it is very much possible that you won’t show up at the gym. This is where post-work workouts come in handy. You’re already out, so it is easy to have a quick speedy workout and then go home. This also works as a perfect way to freshen up your mind and release all the tension of work before you are at home.

Exercising late night

Late night exercise is bad for your social life and it’s definitely better to spend time with your friends and family in the evening and night. However for singles it is apparently the best suited time to train. By this time, the gym becomes empty and you can get access to any machine without any wait or share.

However, sometimes late night trainings reduce the quality of your sleep. Your body continues being tired for a long time after the workout and wouldn’t let you sleep for hours. However, sometimes you may fall asleep like a baby. Research is also inconclusive on this issue. It is more of a personal issue rather than being a global fact.

Does it really matter?

A general human being cannot make everything super-efficient and perfect as the way it should be. It’s true that, if you get the basic things right, you will be able to put the missing pieces of the puzzle in the right place.

This is why, if you ask me what is the best suited time of the day to exercise; without any hesitation I would say it hardly matters!

You should choose the time that suits you the best. At the end of the day, what matters is that you really did the exercise. You should check your schedule for the day and fix a proper time to do your exercises but yes regularly for proper benefits!