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Time Poor: How to Still Look Good With Little Time?

It’s gradually becoming a fact of life, more and more of us have less time thanever before. Without getting into the reasons behind this, one of the potential consequences is that certain areas of our life start to slip. As today’s headline may tell you, one of these areas is your beauty regime.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily something that’s guaranteed. Some people will prioritize it no matter what, and even turn to something like a tummy tuck to help them along their way.

On the most part, standards start to drop though. We start to apply makeup in the car, or sometimes not at all. With kids, jobs and all sorts of other parts of life taking priority, there’s not much time left.

Well, today’s post is designed to help you with this. If you find yourself completely time poor, try tapping into the following suggestions to help boost your appearance.

There’s no such thing as a tracksuit rule

This has perhaps been one of the more interesting developments in the world of quick fashion over the last few years. Unfortunately, while various celebrities might be able to pull off the tracksuit look completely fine, the Average Joe is usually destined to fail. Let’s not forget that slipping on a tracksuit just doesn’t work here; it screams too much casual and shows the world that you really don’t have enough time.

Of course, if you are about to jump into an exercise session, forget the above. This is what tracksuits are designed for but for everything else, turn to jeans or another suitable alternative.

If you focus on just one area… make sure it is skincare

If your time just allows you to concentrate on one thing, make sure it is skincare.

Considering how much time this can take out of our life, this can be difficult to do. Even after a long, gruelling day, make sure that you remove any makeup though. You might have to find workarounds, like wet wipes, to help you along your way, but realize that your skincare decisions really can shape your appearance for years to come.

A bad clothing choice can hinder you for the day – but if you keep repeating skincare mistakes you will find that these hurt you indefinitely. You will start to look older, and you’ll need to spend even more time on your beauty regime to compensate.

Keep things simple

When all else fails, and you really are racing against the clock, just try and keep things simple.

This will naturally be easier for some people than others, but if you try and overcomplicate things it can appear as though you are trying too hard. Suffice to say, this is a recipe for disaster.

Accessories can be your best friend

You might not have time to iron your favourite dress, but you can add a touch of glamour through accessories. It takes seconds to put on a pair of sunglasses, and the best part about this is that it will hide any tired eyes. Or, turn to your favourite bracelet – it might just add a bit of luxury to that simple dress you have chosen in keeping with the previous point!

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