Some people only experience anxiety in certain situations in which one should experience it, like in a  fight or flight situation, where your life or well being may be in danger.

However, there are also plenty of people out there that suffer from anxiety over things that normal people don’t, whether it’s a response to an irrational fear or something else.

There are many types of anxiety, and causes of it, and there are also many things that you can do to calm your anxiety. Anxiety shouldn’t control your life, so if it is make sure you get help, or try some of these things.

Know Your Triggers:

The first step in dealing with issues with anxiety is to figure out what is triggering your anxiety. Is it a fear response, are you have a problem in crowds, what is going on that is making you anxious. It could just be that you have too many things on your plate and figuring out what to do first gives you panic attacks.

One way to find out what is triggering your anxiety or panic attacks is to keep a journal, if you don’t already have some idea of what’s going on. Write down what you did or thought just before each episode, and what your response was to it (panic, racing heart, light headedness). This will help you find your triggers.

Talk To Your Doctor:

Once you’ve determined what is causing your panic and anxiety you can be more comfortable about talking to your doctor about it. Make an appointment. Sometimes the easiest fix to an anxiety problem is anxiety medicine, although they can come with some side effects.

Your doctor may also recommend therapy that can help you learn to not let your triggers cause you anxiety. Things like biofeedback can help with this. Sometimes just talking to people about your fears and worries can help you get over them.

Try Alternative Therapies:

If you prefer not to take medications, or find that you are one in a million that get hit with all the negative side effects, there are some alternative therapies that can help with relaxation, which can help you calm anxiety and panic attacks the moment that start.

Breathing techniques are a great way to calm your nerves and to stop the effects of a panic attack. Talk to your doctor about the proper way to breath in order to calm yourself. You could also start taking up something like meditation or yoga. Both of them can help soothe anxiety.

Anxiety left unchecked can lead to a lot of stress on the body, and stress unchecked can lead to high blood pressure and other heart problems. Make sure you learn what is causing your anxiety and get help.