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Things You Should Never Do to Her in Bed. NEVER!

This is definitely something we need to address. Sex, if I’m not mistaken, is meant to be enjoyed. Not by one party, but by both. It is just as easy to turn sex into a horrible experience(even a traumatising one) as it is easy to say “Hello”.

So whether you’re hooking up with a new partner, or you’re having some regular sex with the love of your life, some actions should be totally expelled from the bedroom.

Everyone has different preferences, taste and style. As a result, what works for Lily may not work for Annabelle. And on this point, women agree that certain boundaries must never be crossed in the bedroom unless agreed otherwise. These rules are so essential; we assume every guy should know them. But assumptions kill.

So here are some of the things, as a man, you should never do to your lady in the bedroom. Unless of course, she tells you to do them.

1. Never put it in the wrong hole

There is no stressing this enough. Never. I mean never stick it into any location she hasn’t consented to yet.

Never! Try to imagine her reaction when you “accidentally” ram into her butt hole… It seems somewhat funny yea?. Well, it is not.  Some things will kill the mood with so much speed, but none will hurt as much.

Accidental penetration is a No No for every woman. You do not only hurt her. But you risk having her never return to you for another try.

2. Never call her by a wrong name

I know how intense sex can be for everyone, especially when you’re so close to having your release. But nothing excuses you from calling a different name when someone else did the job of getting you all high spirited!

What if she’s just a hookup or a fling? Well hookups have feelings too, don’t they? Worse, you commit that sin to your spouse. Trust me that will not end very well. For you!

3. Do not bite her clit

Why would you do that? Why? I mean, I do not know of any other part of a woman’s body that is as sensitive as her clitoris. Biting her there is just sheer wickedness.

Just because she likes it when you nibble on her nipples or she enjoys it when you love biting her around her body, does not and should not give you the idea that you can bite her down there. I’ve heard guys provide accounts of the worst blowjob they ever got. And it all involved teeth.

You don’t like teeth grazing up and down your cock. Women don’t like teeth biting on their clits.

4. Do not go in dry (without lubrication)

There are a few things that can cause painful sex for a lady. And one of them is attempting penetration without making sure she’s adequately lubricated.

Honestly, I don’t see how that will be pleasurable for you, as the man, because you’ll get all sour from the effects of the friction.

Going in dry is not only painful; it causes bleeding. Yes. If she’s not self-lubricated (some women find it harder to get wet or just don’t know how to touch her right), then get yourself a lubricant!.

5. Do not compare her to your ex ( or to any other woman)

What are you trying to do? Destroy her confidence? During sex, a woman feels exceptionally vulnerable because of the intimacy that sex portrays.

Comparing her to another woman(which is a sin in itself outside of sex) can make her feel less of herself, especially for ladies who have difficulties boosting her self esteem and are not very confident.

You might ask “what if I only compared her to praise her? Bruh. Don’t do it. Your comparing only tells me you were also thinking about another woman while you were with me.

On both counts, whether or not you think you have a noble motive, do not compare your lady to anyone else on any situation. Worse of all, during sex.

6. Do not be selfish

It’s really not difficult to know when you as a man is being selfish during sex. You generally opt to focus more on you and try to get the maximum pleasure to your lady’s expense.

Do you find that you’re always looking to just hop on it, have an orgasm and then feel good about yourself? Or that she tells you to stop doing something in particular, but you don’t stop because that is really what you want to do?

If that is you, then you sure as hell are as selfish as selfish gets. And if that is the case, you’ve made sex more or less a chore for her. Because sex is all about pleasing you, doing what gets you off. Going sour over trying to give you an orgasm. Stop it!. She deserves some of that loving too.

7. Do not assume

Because you like talking nasty doesn’t mean she will appreciate it. Do not assume she likes being tickled. Don’t assume she won’t mind if you tried bending her into positions only yoga masters can pull off.

Don’t assume. If you have a new or different idea, you want to try out with her, ask her. Seek her consent.

Be sure you “know” for a fact that she doesn’t mind being called a slut. Or that she doesn’t mind being spat on or bent into difficult positions. Make sure you have her permission in the bag before you attempt to pull a ‘crazy’ on her.

So yea. Do not lose your lady’s respect over some knowledge you should possess. Be the best you can be in the bedroom.

Have any other bedroom ‘Don’ts’ for men? Or any personal experience you’d like to share with our readers? Then please, drop your contributions in the comment section below.

Oluwafemi Michael
Oluwafemi Michael is an online Mental Health Therapist, Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, a programmer, and also a content creator from Edo state, Akoko-Edo LG.

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