The legalizing of medical marijuana has got wide acceptance among the masses worldwide, especially among the medical fraternity. Earlier this stance was seen to be controversial because of the addictive effects of this drug. But, owing to the researches and studies, new theories came up that were substantiated by the scientific findings on the positive effects of marijuana.

Though the legalization is done in some of the countries only,yet many countries are willing to get it legalized for medical purpose only.

Why is it legalized?

Since the olden times, the smoking potis seen to be beneficial for many reasons. But, the people who advocate the usage of the smoking pothave actually went on over stating the benefits involved in its usage. The studies have been conducted out to see the positive effects of this drug, but the number of these studies has been very less.

Based upon the results of these studies, it is seen to have some positive effects as well. For this reason, some of the countries have legalized the usage of this drug.

Marijuana and the duration for which it stays!

How long does marijuana stay in your system is a frequent question arising these days, though there are no exact answers to that. Yet, there are guidelines, which are enough to verify the time for which it stays in the body.

There are several tests done to find out this fact. The tests such as urine tests, hair test and saliva test are the ways to find out this. There are a number of determining factors which are instrumental in having an impact upon sustaining marijuana in the body. Let’s check out:

  • Frequency for which it is used
  • The body fat you have
  • Your weight
  • The amount of the drug used

These factors are not the same for every person in question but are variable determining factors.

When do these tests show positive tests?

The stay of marijuana in your body is based upon the frequency of usage. The results of the above tests appear positive within 2 to 5 hour duration. As aforesaid, the stay of this drug depends upon the amount of dosage and the frequency with which you have taken.

In case of a urine test, person’s body and weight is not taken into consideration. But, only the traces of this drug present in the urine are enough to give away the results.

In case of a saliva test that is done to check the presence of drug in the body, the result may come out to be positive within an hour of the drug intake.

Hair drug test show a bit slower response for the presence of drug. It takes as long as 7 days to come up with the results to show the presence. A number of hair drug tests showthe results that are positive after 90 days, which actually delays the final findings.

Rate of metabolism and Marijuana’s stay in body!

Rate of metabolism and the frequency of the intake of this drug is a determining factor in finding out that for how long does marijuana stay in your system. The more your body is able to digest and break this drug, the sooner this drug will go away from the body.

The fastest way of absorbing this drug!

Smoking pot that you find very enjoyable is the major absorption tool that quickly makes your system takes in the Marijuana.The tests will show positive just for the first time you inhale from the smoking pot.