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Things you Need to be Telling Your OB/GYN


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Your OB/GYN isn’t just there to give you your annual exam and birth your babies. Gynecologists are generally underutilized and are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions unique to women.


There are plenty of health conditions that your OB/GYN can treat, so never be embarrassed to talk to them about anything that’s bothering you.

A Sinking Sex Drive

Don’t think it’s just age that’s making you less passionate than you used to be. A low libido is a prime sign of a hormonal problem. Your gynecologist can run a variety of blood work to see if you need a boost in your testosterone or estrogen or if there’s a problem with your thyroid.

If there’s no physical reason, you might be suffering from depression. These are all things your OB/GYN is perfectly capable and willing to treat. Menopausal women are best advised to seek the advice of your gynecologist because they already know your medical history and the current hormone replacement therapy you’re already on.

Bleeding After Sex

If you think this is something you can just let slide, you’re wrong. Your gynecologist can do a thorough pelvic exam to see if there are physical reasons why you might be experiencing pain or bleeding after being intimate.

Cervical dysplasia is a possibility if you’ve had multiple sexual partners, sex before 18, or a past history of STDs. It means your cervix has precancerous changes in its epithelial cells and usually requires cryosurgery to remove them.

Cervical polyps can also cause irritation and bleeding and require a painless removal. Because most of the reasons for post-coital bleeding have to do with a physical change in the cervix or vagina, your gynecologist is the best person to discuss this particular problem with.

Problems with Urination

You don’t have to get a referral to a urologist if you’re suffering from urinary incontinence! It’s usually related to pelvic floor problems where the tissues that are supposed to support the pelvic organs can become damaged or weakened over time, usually because of childbirth or aging.

According to Everyday Health magazine, if you’re leaking urine while you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise, your gynecologist can recommend exercises or even surgical options to treat your incontinence. There are also a variety of medications, including hormones, to treat incontinence if necessary.

Skin Conditions

There are plenty of skin conditions that are caused by fluctuating hormones. Acne is a big one. The biggest cause of acne in women is usually hormones and it’s brought on by the start of their period. Another skin condition that’s treated by an OB/GYN is lichen sclerosis.


It usually starts after menopause and affects the vulvar region. White spots appear on the vulva and grow into large patches that can blister. Over time, the skin becomes more fragile and tears easily.

This can be diagnosed in the office upon visual examination but might require biopsies. According to Dr. Thomas at Dallas Obstetrics and Gynecology, It can be treated by an OB/GYN experienced in the condition and it’s treated with strong steroid creams or immune suppressing drugs.

It doesn’t matter whether you think your condition can be treated by an OB/GYN or not, you could be hiding a condition that could easily be treated by your trusted doctor. Don’t be afraid to mention anything that seems off to your gynecologist.

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  1. I appreciate what you said about visiting an OBGYN if you are leaking urine while you laugh or cough. I believe that receiving the best treatment available is essential when it comes to any medical need. My wife is looking for a reputable OBGYN, so I\’ll help her find one in our new area that has a strong reputation.

  2. You made a good point that you should tell your OB GYN if you’re having problems with urinary incontinence. My wife has brought up that she’s leaking urine and it’s been a sensitive subject for her. Maybe we should get her in for an appointment and make sure everything is alright.

  3. I like how you mentioned that gynecologist can help you in figuring out pain or bleeding after sex, by doing a pelvic exam. My wife is going to start attending a good doctor because we are planning for our first child. I’m going to let her know about the benefits of going to a gynecologist.

  4. Lately, I find it strange that I’m less passionate about sex. I think I need to see an OB/GYN so I’ll know the source of my low libido. It might be a hormonal problem as you’ve mentioned, but I’ll get my answer once I schedule an appointment.


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