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Things You Must Know about Physiotherapy?

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Physiotherapy helps to relieve patients from various types of pains and injuries. A few decades ago, people including doctors did not believe much in the effectiveness of physiotherapy techniques.

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Today, the scenario is completely different. Physiotherapy is well accepted by everyone as a treatment discipline that helps body function normally.  Thus you will easily find a good physiotherapist in your area.

You need to consult a physiotherapist when you are suffering from pain in joints, stiffness in muscles and cannot move easily. Body gets stiff due to age, sedentary lifestyle, stress, or weakness in body.

Physiotherapists help your body perform normally during strains, sprains, bruises or fractures. Physiotherapy techniques are holistic and reliable.

A comprehensive approach is taken where the physiotherapist analyzes the cause of injury, understands the seriousness and then decides on the method of physiotherapy treatment.

They aim at giving patients a better quality of life by helping them get rid of all kinds of muscles or joint pains. However, expecting results overnight is expecting too much. The healing process is slow and regular sessions are needed for effective results.

Treatment through physiotherapy takes a long time; and often patients get frustrated. In such situations, a physio needs to function as a counselor and guide his patients to have faith.

At the same time the physiotherapist needs to educate the patients about the methods and recovery rate so that they have realistic hope.

Physiotherapists work in a number of physical therapy specialization areas like:

  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics and trauma units
  • Sport rehabilitations
  • Intensive care units
  • Mental health
  • Long-term disabilities
  • General health (including incontinence)
  • Health education and promotion
  • Pediatric and geriatric care
  • Rehabilitation after major surgeries

Methods of Physiotherapy

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Hands-on Approach

Using hands to sooth muscles through massaging or stretching is the most common technique. Manual therapy is the key in physiotherapy treatment schedule and help in fast recovery.

Use of drugs

Drugs are also used at times, during physiotherapy sessions. This technique is mostly used for muscle strains.  Certain drugs help to relax muscles and are thus helpful.


When the injury is serious, both physiotherapy and surgery gives required results. Physiotherapy sessions are carried out both before and after the surgery.

Just physiotherapy

In minor problems like ankle sprains, physiotherapy technique like massaging the ankle under heat helps the patient recover.


Ultrasound also helps as the sound waves go deep in the body’s tissue layer and loosens it. This helps during physiotherapy sessions by warming the tissues and improving the healing process.

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Electrical stimulations

Electrical stimulations are also used in physiotherapy, especially when the injury is related to some kind of trauma.

In what way can you obtain physiotherapy sessions?

Besides physical counseling, physiotherapy can also be assessed through private or public health care professionals. Voluntary works as well as charities offer physical treatment sessions that can also be other means for you to get the treatment done at lower costs if not free of cost.

It is always good that you have a doctor’s recommendation before you attend any physiotherapy session. Most experience and trained physiotherapists would require you to have one before they treat you.

You would also need to be careful as to your selection of physiotherapist. Most doctors will surely recommend you one that they are well aware of and it will always be good to follow up with such recommended doctors.

So next time, you are asked to visit a physiotherapist do not delay or avoid it with DIY exercises. Get help of a professional for a proper and complete treatment.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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  1. Wow, it’s interesting to know that stimulation through electricity is also employed in physio therapy. My big brother has a trauma on his arm after an injury that makes him a bit less likely to be able to go back to sports. Maybe getting a physiotherapy would be able to get him back to his former physique.


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