Unhealthy Vegan

Vegan. A philosophy that has now been around for quite some years and is becoming ever more popular. Not only out of environmental reasons, but mainly as a great diet choice to lose weight and gain health. Prefect! But (and there is always a but!) being a vegan can also backfire if done in the wrong way.

What exactly does “vegan” mean?

For those who never took a closer look into this topic, here are some basics. Veganism is actually much more than just a way of eating. It is a commitment to exclude anything made out of animal products from your life.

Yes … that includes honey as well. And leather, the good old classic gummy bears and even i.e. beer bottles which labels have been glued on with un-vegan glue! Thus, being a real, down to business vegan can actually be quite a challenge.

If you decide that this would be too much to handle for you, it’s perfectly OK. The good thing is that we all have the choice to pick the elements out of veganism which we feel comfortable with. Many focus on the culinary part of this life style. But then again, eating a vegan diet can be very unhealthy, if done wrong.

Being an unhealthy vegan

… is actually quite easy. Just fill your belly with potato chips, fries, plain rice and as a Sunday treat 12 vegan donuts. Furthermore, avoid eating anything green, drink a lot of alcohol (out of vegan labelled bottles, of course!) and tons of sweetened coffee instead of water and voilà! … you will definitely run to your next nutritionist and/or doctor in no time.

Another – more realistic – form of being an unhealthy vegan is to jump head over heels into this way of eating without doing some research beforehand. Quitting on any form of meat and dairy products leaves you with a lack of essential micronutrients like calcium, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

So you should really surf the internet or, even better, consult a professional nutritionist before embarking on this culinary journey. A great website from an amazing and very famous chef – Jamie Oliver – not only gives you some interesting facts but also very good recipes for a vegan diet.

The upsides of being vegan

Those are numerous and really have a massive impact on an ecological level. The CO2 emission produced by animal farming is humongous. Actually, this industry produces by far more CO2 compared to any other factor (i.e. cars) worldwide.

Documentaries like “Cowspiracy” makes the choice of not eating meat quite easy. But this left aside, the health benefits you gain by eating a balanced vegan diet are amazing. Factors like high cholesterol and an excessive BMI will vanish in a very short time.

If you look at the dream figures of some top models, you may assume that these ladies do not put fat, greasy and processed foods on their plates. OK … in this case, if you are working for a high-end escort agency a jaw dropping figure is a must.

But following a vegan diet pays off for everybody and done in the right way, will amaze you with new fantastic culinary experiences.