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The Stigma Around Adderall: True or False?


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

The first time I knew about a thing called stimulant abuse; I was already about to graduate college. There was a rumour that a student was caught stealing some Ritalin from the college teaching hospital and he was expected to sell them to other people on campus.


The illegal sales of Adderall was another problem because students who sold it openly boasted of getting high on their supplies.

With a lot of people getting to know about this medication as sources of high for people who are supposedly irresponsible, when a psychiatrist recommend the use of Adderall to deal with ADHD, there may be some kind of reluctance.

Some people who are advised to consider the use of Adderall for dealing with their anxiety may begin to start searching for other options.

Dealing with anxiety on your own

If you decide to make efforts to live and go about thought daily activities normally, you may discover that despite all the efforts you are putting in, things as still not as easy as you’d expect them to be.

You may find your self still missing important details, pacing back and forth often, finding it difficult to concentrate, and even having to always apologise for forgetting things.

Things are going to get you frustrated despite your efforts to get them right and go about your day normally. What this means is that you need help and your psychiatrist is the best person to visit.

By the time you decide to go back to considering the Adderall your psychiatrist prescribed, you would realise that well-wishers and friends might come up with different pieces of advice to help you prepare for what they think lies ahead.

They’ll ask you questions like; “are you sure you can handle it?” because a lot of people end up abusing stimulants. Some may tell you it could increase your chances of worsening the anxiety; some others may ask you if you’re ready for the extra alertness that comes with it.

It’s OK if you’re not entirely sure you can handle taking Adderall, but you still have to try if your psychiatrist prescribes it. If you have suffered from substance abuse before, maybe with alcohol or some other kind of drug, you might suspect that you would get addicted.


However, with the help of a loved one alongside your psychiatrist, there is almost nothing you can’t achieve. Meaning all that you need is the right supervision and a mindset that is geared towards healing rather than harbouring so many fears.

People who are dealing with ADHD will not become addicted to their medication unless their condition is left untreated for a long time. In fact, most adults with ADHD that are untreated would one time, or another in their life develop substance abuse problem.

Some of the major symptoms associated with ADHD play a major role in making it difficult for victims to become sober and stay sober which means that early treatment is vital when it comes to sobriety.

The truth remains that nobody will tell you the good things that come with treating yourself using Adderall. Especially because of the stigma that the drug has been surrounded by for a long time. Instead of people seeing it for what it actually is, they see it as that piece of merchandise that is illegally sold to people who seek some level of highness.

As long as you take your medication as prescribed, you would find yourself doing better and becoming more effective at work or school just ensure that you do not deliberately overdose or get addicted to the use of Adderall.

Make sure to discuss with the clinician on how and when to use your medication. And also if you’re not sure about the effects it would have on you, you can also ask questions to be clear. In all, give yourself a chance and live past the stigma.

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