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The State Is Too Broken to Blunder On With Universal Healthcare

Now is the time for laser-like focus on growing the economy, creating jobs, trying to capture the low-hanging fruit in this regard, cutting wasteful expenditure and then generally being prudent.

The state is too broken to blunder on with universal healthcare. Flights of healthcare fancy are for another time.

Everything feels a little gloomy right now. A deep despondence is gripping the country. Perhaps it was intensified by the most recent unemployment figure that now sits at 29% — by the narrow definition of unemployment, which excludes those who have given up looking for a job.

The situation is a crisis of major proportions and there are unfortunately no quick fixes or silver bullets.

Perhaps it is the gloom of inevitability and that “Thuma mina!” seems like a lifetime ago? Then there is Eskom and the billions we are told are needed to keep the lights on.

Each passing day we are warned of load shedding while there seems to be little intent (to the public at least) that the power utility will be divided into three parts as we were promised. Its situation is entirely unsustainable.

Each day that goes by appears to represent a missed opportunity as Mark…

Source: Daily Maverick.

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