Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem is gaining more and more popularity among overweight people due to its increasing number of positive customer reviews. Although Nutrisystem has measured up to the expectations of many consumers it has certainly disappointed some consumers as well.

A lot of questions regarding its reliability arise in the buyer’s mind since everything on their website seems to be so perfect. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion based on negative reviews and this review will help you in doing so.

Good aspects

Nutrisystem has unquestionably got some innovative and effective good aspects which can be taken in no way other than positively. The users who seem to be very satisfied with this diet plan have shared their experience and according to them, following are the great qualities of Nutrisystem

1. Instant weight loss

Nutrisystem features a TURBO diet during the first month of its usage. Many Women on Nutrisystem have reported a weight loss of 10-13 pounds and men have reported a weight loss of about 15-18 pounds during the first month of Nutrisystem diet.

It is a proper and balanced diet plan comprising upon daily-life food. Because of its planned and limited packaging, this system works wonders for instant weight loss.

2. Highly convenient

Most of the people do not find enough time to count calories and cut away portions of their food in their busy lives. The fair solution to this diet plan restriction is Nutrisystem.  By delivering packaged, portioned and measured food at your doorstep it ensures its effective usage. All you have to do is heat and eat it and you are good to go.

3. Healthy, balanced food

Nutrisystem packaged food has carefully scooped portions of the calorie controlled food based on the recommendations of expert Nutritionists. This is the reason that all the food that is delivered to you is only going to make you lose weight. The packaged food has minimum added flavors and preservatives to maintain its healthiness.

4. Good for all kind of people

Whether you are diabetic, gluten-sensitive or a vegetarian, you can screen the food options using these levels and select the food that suits you the most. Moreover, it does not have any artificial sweeteners or flavors.

5. Fulfills frequent appetite

Most of the people have the urge of frequent eating especially in case of dieting. To fulfill frequent hunger pangs, the daily dosage of Nutrisystem food is 6 times at the interval of 2-3 hours; including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, protein shake.

Bad aspects

Although Nutrisystem is a modern way of dieting it is not one-size-fits-all kind of diet plan. Following are the bad aspects of Nutrisystem

1. Bad food taste

Nutrisystem essentially comprises upon packed or tinned food which can be hard to adjust with for some people. People who are used to eating freshly cooked food may find its taste and smell very disturbing. Because of this reason, people are often forced to quit it in the middle of the way.

2. Limited food variety

Although Nutrisystem offers selection filters at various levels, the variety of food for diabetic, gluten-sensitive or vegetarian is still limited. There is no option for the lactose intolerant and it is an inconvenient feature of Nutrisystem.

3. High cancellation fee

Nutrisystem has a cancellation policy in which the users are limited to a costless cancellation of the package in the first 14 days of shipment. After that, cancellation is only possible after paid 2nd shipment. This cancellation restrictions and the extra money spent on needless packages go to waste.

4. Too much salt or sugar

The canned food usually has a high sodium or sucrose content. Most of the users have reported excessive salty or sweet taste in their packages, making it impossible to eat it. Similarly, some users have also reported getting stale food.

5. Fewer discounts

Nutrisystem offers limited discounts to its customers. The annual promotion deals are not good enough to provide the desired discounts on high-cost packages. Since a customer has to pay for a month’s worth of Nutrisystem food, the cost gets too much to handle. The added list of groceries can also put a strain on consumer’s pocket.

In short, Nutrisystem is a good solution for people who want an all-natural and quick weight loss but it sure is not suitable for everyone out there.