Alternative Foods

Are you starting Veganuary or Dry January? Have you decided to have a new year’s health kick? If so, you may be at the point of looking for new options to add to your food repertoire and new meals to try.

This year, in the lead-up to Veganuary and Dry January, it might be a good idea to take some time to highlight some of the more obscure foods that vegans, vegetarians, and alternative food enthusiasts can enjoy. 

You can try new sources of protein, fiber, and nutrients and also start looking at some foods that you may have been skipping over – there are so many benefits to eating other white meat, or incorporating more vegetables into your diet – so why not try something new?

Healthy But Delicious Alternatives to Popular Food

Alternative foods have been around for a long time, whether for medical use like Simply Thick Nectar flavor thickeners used for people with dysphagia, or for personal choice such as switching out real meat for meat substitutes. 

Here are a few great options for food alternatives.


Seitan is one of the most versatile meat alternatives out there. 

It can be used as the star ingredient in a number of dishes – from stir fries to roasted chicken and everything in between. It’s well known for being used as a substitute for meat, but it also works well when used in place of fish too. 

The texture of seitan bears a lot of resemblance to that of chicken, although it also has its own unique flavor profile too.


Quorn is a popular brand of veggie-based food that has become incredibly well known over the past few years and has been specifically designed to cater to vegetarians. 

It’s a common ingredient in vegan and vegetarian dishes and is also great when used in place of meat on its own. It’s gluten free, so can be used on the same basis as tofu or soy. 

It comes in a range of flavors too – including mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, and bacon – so there’s something for everyone.


Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food that is traditionally made from soybeans and served as a sandwich. It’s low in calories, high in protein, and has a nutty flavor – it tastes a lot like meat. 

Tempeh is often seen as the “meat alternative” of its soy counterpart. It’s used as the main ingredient in some national dishes, such as Indonesian mie kering (hot seasoned noodles) or sambal tempeh (a spicy shrimp-like tofu dish made with tempeh). 

It also works well when combined with other foods too, including eggplant and tuna – so there are endless options to try out.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is a sweetener that has become quite popular over the past decade or so. It’s made from the same plants that produce tequila and is commonly used in drinks and as an alternative to sugar in some recipes.

Since it’s naturally sweeter than sugar, it’s best used sparingly – however, you can use agave nectar to replace sugar in most of your favorite recipes. 

Whether you’re making some vegan chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, or other baked goods – agave nectar is a great substitute for your usual granulated sugar.