Swim Spas

With the coffee mug in my hand, as I rubbed my eyes and turned on my laptop, I came across interesting information early in the morning which completely changed my belief in the spa therapy. Till date, I believed that workout and cardiac fitness can only help me lead my life in a healthier way. However, little was I aware of the wonders that spa can do to us.

That piece of information quite successfully distracted my mind from the work I was supposed to do that morning and I was highly engrossed in reading the host of welfares a spa can offer. I am sure; my reader will thoroughly exploit the spa procedures they have learnt today through my blog post.

Spa is an acronym for the Latin word “Salus per aquam”, this means ‘health from water’. I would love to share the three most important principles of spa with my readers that can affect our body.


As I see any slim person, I believed that he/she have a balanced body weight and is fit. But I was wrong. Even the fittest person among us has a lot of weight on the joints. The ankle and the feet support almost the entire’s body weight.

The other joints such as the knees, wrists, elbows are constantly in motion. While immersing your body in the spa, the natural buoyancy of the water supports nearly 90% of the body weight.

The amazing part is, this minimizes the strain on our joints and help them to relax from the daily grind. Most importantly, pressure is immensely reduced on all the joints and muscles while we are relaxing in the hot tub.


I remember one of the friends mentioning the ultimate relaxing effects of the jets in the hot tub while they went for a vacation. Reading this section will actually make you feel as if you are experiencing the relaxation right now.

Streams of warm water diversified with the flow provide therapeutic massage to the body. However, this can be controlled depending on how intense or gentle we want the massage to be. Hot tubs are well equipped with nozzles of different sizes, configurations, quantities and pressure.

These are designed to target specific parts of the body. Usually smaller jets focus on pinpoint muscles around the neck while some other jets focus on the back. The largest group of jets strokes up and down on the entire back, to the sides of our spine. Even tiny jets target the wrists. Moreover, there are several other types of jets which aim other parts of the body such as feet, calves or arms.

The most exciting update was that spa’s jets can actually pacify sore muscles any time we need – (I would need it quite frequently).


We visit spa with the aim to relax. But many people gets apprehensive of the fact that how can hot water (as the name suggests HOT TUB) bring relaxation? Well, many of us are not aware of the advantages our body can gain through the heat of the hot tub water.

As our body absorbs heat, it warms up and increases the blood circulation. The warm blood causes the blood vessels to expand. As a result the blood pressure gets subsequently reduced.

One of the best ways if you want to transfer heat deep into your muscle is through the hot tub water which cause muscle relaxation. As the hot water temperature is controllable, the body tries to cool down by transferring heat to the surface via our blood. Therefore, at a reduced temperature, the blood does not get recirculate and our body experience the therapeutic effects.

Besides, any neurological problem can arise from the increase or decrease in the body’s temperature, however, as the body gets soaked in the water and focuses its attention for the heat gain our central nervous system’s sensitivity remain balanced.

In the world of spa, you have no boss hassling you for missed deadlines, you have no children clamouring your attention, no dogs barking for his walk and no husband asking what’s for dinner? So you can well imagine the end results. Well, you leave the spa room forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life.