Making a slushie might seem like a simple thing to do. But there are several different slushie consistencies that people enjoy. If you are more of a “slush puppy” lover, then how you blend it and the steps you take are integral to getting the perfect taste and texture. Try these five critical tips to make the perfect slush drink.

You don’t need a commercial blender or be a mixologist to make the perfect slushie. What you do need are the tips from the pros to make a slushie just the way you like it.

It is all about the ice…

Slushie consistency is all in the ice. If you don’t add enough, then it will be too watery and will end up melting on you too quickly — especially when alcohol is added. If you add too much ice, though, then no matter how much you blend it you will have a chunky consistency. But it’s not just about the amount of ice — the shape of the ice matters too.

If you use oversized cubes, not only will it not blend well, but you will put way too much wear and tear on your blender. If you want a thicker slushie, then use small cubes or chips of ice and set the blender to “slush” or “pulverize.”

Fresh is critical

The perfect slushie is also all about the ingredients. Sure, the syrups are going to add the sugar that you love, but adding fresh ingredients will make the flavors that much more intense. If you are going to make a strawberry slushie, use fresh strawberries. If you are going to make coconut, use fresh coconut milk. The more fresh and organic you get, the better the concoction will taste.

Don’t pay too much for your blender

Most people make the mistake of thinking that high-powered mixers and blenders are the key to an excellent slush, but the truth is that just about any residential blender will do if you know what you are doing.

If you set it at the right speed and use the right-sized ice and fresh ingredients, then you don’t need to spend the money on a commercial blender; your old kitchen one will do just as well. When it comes to making excellent slushies, it is all in the operator’s quality.

Garnish when possible

The more textures and tastes you can add, the better your slush is going to be. Don’t just use lime juice — follow it up with adding lime slices to the glass. If berries are your thing, then make sure to add some to the bottom of the glass or top the slushie off with some. And for some extra sweetness, don’t forget to add the whipped cream to the top. After all, what is a slushie without the garnish to finish it off?

Serving time

Most people like to make slushies when they want to drink them, but if you are preparing them in large quantities for guests or entertaining and don’t want to take the time when guests arrive, along with putting out slush cups & straws. Then you can pre-make slush puppies ahead of time.

Make the slushies just as you would when you want to drink them, but put a lid on the blender container and place it in the freezer. If the slushies are in the freezer for an extended period, you want to make sure that they are in an airtight container so they don’t pick up any other freezer tastes.

Make sure to remove the blender from the freezer well ahead of time, especially if they are completely frozen. You will want the concoction to have some thaw time before you blend it. Ideally, remove the blender glass a minimum of 30-45 minutes before guests arrive. Otherwise, the mixture will be too thick to put in the blender.

Most people think that slushies are all about the mix, and they can be. But most of the quality comes from how they are prepared, the fresh ingredients you use, and the knowledge you have about how to blend and prepare them. Slush puppies can be made at home and ahead of time for guests with ease, and will still have just as much awesomeness as store- bought.