The feeling of exhaustion, after a long day of work, is common for most people in the work force. Sometimes you come home, and you just need to go to bed, but sleep still doesn’t relax you the way it should.

Maybe you’ll think you had a particularly difficult day, for one reason or another, but very often, it is the accumulation of the micro-stresses throughout the day which sends you in such a state.

The Need to Protect Ourselves

No matter what the source of the stress is, and whether it is caused by one major issue or micro-stresses, we all need to protect ourselves in order to keep a sane mental health.

Stress and anxiety are part of our daily lives, and we cannot make them disappear, but we can learn to manage them. To do so, you can benefit from learning anti-stress techniques through a mobile app such as the Stress App (https://stress.app).

It will help you strengthen your mental and develop ways to protect yourself by handling your stress in positive ways.

What are Micro-stresses?

Micro-stresses come from a variety of sources. There are many of them which you have probably never even identified.

The fact is, our modern lives is forcing us to be a part of so many interactions during a day that it has been taking a toll on us by augmenting the level of stress to an unprecedented height in history.

The need for a high-level of efficiency in everything we do is something we now take for granted, but in reality, it often exceeds our normal capacities.

Many of these micro-stresses come from the various relationships we entertain in our lives. Our interactions with the boss, clients and the team at work can clearly create them, but also the relation with our loved ones.

Of course, if some difficulties arise with one or more of these individuals, it causes even more anxiety in your life, but in truth, the simple fact of having to entertain so many different links with other people is already draining your personal capacities.

Stress Can Turn into Illness

Estimates show that 60 to 80% of the visits to the doctors are related to stress in some way. The pressure it creates in you can degenerate and turn into serious health problems, which can lead to depression and other mental health conditions.

Unrelieved stress can turn into burnouts and worse. That is why everyone needs to learn to manage its stress by recognizing the micro-stresses and eliminating them as much as possible, through the help of available tools such as a Stress management app.


  1. Thanks for the critical article.
    Depression is ubiquitous these days due to our lifestyle and busy schedule. We want to achieve things in a short period, so its creating pressure, and it is the leading cause of depression.

    First We need to control our desires and start meditation.

    Thanks & Regards